Asian Culture Expo

Explore international art and culture at the Asian Culture Expo at the Courtyard Theater on March 20, 2016.

From 2pm-6pm (Free Admission), consult with Chinese and Indian medicine practitioners who will answer your questions about how alternative medicine works and demonstrate healing techniques such as acupressure, cupping, massage techniques and more.

Feast your eyes on an exhibition of gorgeous Japanese Ikebana floral arrangements and the Asian artist exhibition of Chinese calligraphy and photography in the lobby of the Courtyard Theater (exhibition is on display until April 15).

At 7pm, enjoy a concert with Asian Performers from different countries: China, India, Japan, Philippines, Thailand and others. Hear the Hua Yun Orchestra, anactive Chinese music group in the DFW area, play a variety of traditional Chinese instruments including Zheng, Pipa, Erhu (strings), Yangqin (percussion), Ruan (plucked strings), and bamboo flute (woodwind) with James Wang conducting. Tickets are $5.

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