Girl Boss 2017: Nine Women Changing Plano

Empowerment. This word comes to mind as a common goal for the women featured in this year’s #girlboss issue. We have a prodigal daughter, returned home to run for Congress. We have an Indian immigrant who has just begun teaching our South Asian citizens the importance of voting. We have an esteemed, practiced advocate giving rise to the viewpoints of Muslim women.

These women encourage those who have traditionally not had a voice in the community, as well as those who have, but have forgotten how to use it. They are encouraging businesses, voters, government officials, entrepreneurs, artists, volunteers, people of different color and of different faiths. As you read their stories, we hope you feel motivated to follow in their footsteps, to reach out to their affiliated organizations to volunteer or just to start a positive dialogue.

If this list was a study of demographics, you would see a line graph that looks more like an avant garde painting. These are women from remarkably different backgrounds. And yet, however seemingly different their stories, they collectively represent an inspiring rise in accomplishment that should make us all even more proud to call Plano home.

Here are their stories.

photos Jennifer Shertzer

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