Olive Mae Clothing Moves Into a New Space

Local childrens’ clothing boutique, Olive Mae, has moved out of its downtown Plano location on 15th Street and into a new space on K Avenue, near Plano Parkway. But fear not, loyal fans of the made-in-Plano brand, Olive Mae is actually growing with this move.

Owner Lacy Gutierrez says the new, bigger space will allow Olive Mae Clothing to enlarge its operations and increase the units made of each dress style. Every Olive Mae dress is made by hand, and the larger space will allow for more seamstresses, more sewing machines, more products and more room for packing and shipping. Lacy and her team will even have room for things they didn’t have before, like a buttonhole machine.

Due to the limited number of each design made previously, Olive Mae dresses would sell out almost immediately. Some online shoppers shared their frustration when they had already made plans to purchase a certain dress for a certain occasion and the dress was gone before they could purchase online. Lacy’s concerns grew when she realized that some not-very-nice shoppers were purchasing Olive Mae dresses, only to turn around and resell them for three times the price online. She wants their loyal customers to be treated fairly, and for everyone to have an equal opportunity to purchase the designs they love, and this move should help with that.

Olive Mae Clothing is made in Plano // photo courtesy Olive Mae

Although the store on 15th Street is already closed, Lacy anticipates that Olive Mae won’t be fully moved in and unpacked in the new space until the beginning of April. Online sales won’t be interrupted at all during the move.

Olive Mae’s new space will NOT BE OPEN to shoppers at first. The brand will be sold only through its online store. And the little girls’ party space, Olive Mae Party Venue, is something they don’t plan on bringing back, not for now, anyway. Lacy says that after they get settled in and accustomed to the new space, they may accept shoppers once again, but on a much more limited basis, perhaps only a few days a month.

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