Plano ‘Pinions: What’s the Best Dish in Plano?

For just about anyone, choosing the best dish in Plano is an impossible task. The “best” is really just your own personal favorite, whatever you pick up when you’re too tired to cook, or whatever you crave when you’ve been away from Plano for too long.

To find the best dishes in town, we polled members of our Plano Foodies Facebook group for their local faves, and then asked the real experts – local chefs and restaurateurs – what they like to eat here (when they’re not dining on their own food, of course).

Feast your eyes on their answers, and then use our list to eat your way through Plano.

My favorites are goat cheese stuffed peppers from Union Bear, TX Lasagna from Taverna Rossa, Juicy Lucy from Kenny’s Burger Joint and Adult Pepperoni from Kenny’s East Coast Pizza.
Mike Hutchinson, co-owner, CraftWay Kitchen

Our #1 family dish is the chicken tikka masala from Maharaja Indian Restaurant. Always great food every.single.time! A family-owned business and wonderful people. They always remember us. It is our Christmas Eve tradition.
Christy Maycock

Kärntner Rahm Schnitzel from Jörg’s Cafe Vienna. Tried to find something like it in Austria and Germany and couldn’t. Just incredible!
Tracy Hilliard

I love Bob’s Steak and Chop house, an old favorite for many years. We like the Prime filet and côte de boeuf bone-in ribeye with creamed spinach. We have a filet here at Bonnie Ruth’s but sometimes you just want to go out for it!
Bonnie Ruth, co-owner, Bonnie Ruth’s

Tortellini ala Alma at Adriano’s Italian Restaurant, Sir Mix A Lot at Whistle Britches, yu xiang eggplant at Mah-Jong Chinese Kitchen and coffee ice cream at Henry’s Homemade Ice Cream.
Rebecca Anderson

Taverna // photo Emilee Prado

One of my favorites is Taverna at Legacy West, and my favorite dish is their porcini and wild mushroom risotto.
Martha Ware, founder, Mallow Box

Wood-grilled banana leaf-wrapped salmon from Mi Dia From Scratch. But have to start the meal with a house marg and the tableside guacamole.
Stacy Roderman

Glazed short rib cavatelli from North Italia is something that I think about often, and I have yet to order a different entree when dining there. It is savory, creamy and tangy with the most tender meat ever. Delish!
Emily Moore

I like to buy from Hirsch’s Meats. I love the short ribs.
Henry Gentry, owner, Henry’s Homemade Ice Cream

My faves include chicken flat noodle at Lucky City, Nacho Libre at Senor Loco’s and fried catfish at Fish Shack.
Steve Stoler

Okay, couldn’t pick just one. Best appetizer is the cheese board from Hub Streat. Best soup is the French onion soup from Toulouse. Best thing with a beer and sunshine is patty melt and fries from Katy Trail Outpost. Finally, the best dessert is date cake from Mignon.
Brad Boles

Ye Ole Butcher Shop // photo Jennifer Shertzer
Ye Ole Butcher Shop // photo Jennifer Shertzer

I’m definitely a huge fan of Ye Ole Butcher Shop for buffalo burgers and meat to grill at home. Fillmore Pub is second for all their seasonal greats. Thirdly, EBESU Robata & Sushi for their soba noodles.
Cameron Satterthwaite, owner, Georgia’s Farmers Market

For breakfast, a chai latte from Mudleaf Coffee, mini-cinnamon roll from Sunny’s Donut and an almond croissant from Millstone Bakery. For lunch, the buffet from Mumtaz and a UB No Coast IPA from Union Bear Brewing Company. For dinner, the seaweed salad, miso soup and caterpillar roll from Uni Sushi, along with a glass of chilled Honig sauvignon blanc from Corner Wines. For dessert, a scoop of coffee chocolate chip ice cream from Handel’s Ice Cream.
Shannah Hayley

We love the breakfast tacos at XO Coffee!
Mollie Hancock

Xiao Long Bao (soup dumplings) at Yao Fuzi. Fish and chips and a beer at Fillmore Pub.
Jordan Swim, president, Front Burner Experiences

Yao Fuzi’s Hunan beef, Kung Pao chicken, and Singapore style noodles combo. I really could list more foods there, like their yu xiang eggplant. They are the best tasting Chinese food in town, and it is always good every time. My family loves to go for birthday dinners every year. To-go orders are always consistently perfect!
Staci Mendelsohn

Mango Mango’s strawberry mango ice cream with sago lychee jelly. So good.
Emmy Lou Harris

courtesy Sea Breeze Fish Market & Grill
courtesy Sea Breeze Fish Market & Grill

Sea Breeze Fish Market & Grill has the freshest seafood in Plano. Their lobster roll is pure heaven.
Gabe Sorrells

Although I enjoy ALL Plano restaurants equally, the one meal that reminds me most of my mother’s is the Pollo a las Brasas with rice and sweet plantains at Mexican Bar Company.
Plano Mayor Harry LaRosiliere

Bonnie Ruth’s coconut pineapple cake is the best slice of cake I’ve ever had anywhere.
Mary Jacobs

Saffron Chicken at Terra Mediterranean/Ali Baba.
Leesa Thornhill

Uncle Zhou. This is Henan cuisine. You can’t go wrong with any of their hand-pulled noodle bowls. Andhra Café specializes in Southern Indian fare that is out of this world. Try the paneer; it may be a different gravy every time you go, but you won’t be disappointed!
Skyler Gauthier, chef de cuisine, Haywire

Tampico Dinner at El Pueblito. Their salsa is perfection, but this dinner is Tex-Mex at its finest, a little enchilada and a little fajita all in one!
Kelle Marsalis

P.E.I. mussels from Vickery Park. The broth is the most amazing thing when soaked up with the accompanying toast.
Chris Hancock

Sunday Brunch at Craftway Kitchen is our go-to for getting out of the house to eat. My wife loves the shrimp and grits. I usually get the Plano Breakfast. Then we split the French toast. It’s crazy good. Mushroom brie burger and tots with chipotle ranch is a forever Friday dinner at Kenny’s Burger Joint.
Lance Wayman, owner, Dubs Tea N Eats

The Latin Pig // photo Jennifer Shertzer
The Latin Pig // photo Jennifer Shertzer

The Picadillo at The Latin Pig is where it’s at!
Katie Cole

When not enjoying wine country cuisine at Sixty Vines, I love visiting Haywire for great cuts of beef and beautiful wine pairings.
Kris Johnson, managing partner, Sixty Vines Plano

My favorite is the Pasta Fagioli at Little Rome. Best soup ever!
Jana Boss

Short Ribs or Chicken Paillard or Crepes with Chocolate Praline Cake, of course, at Bonnie Ruth’s.
Robert Miller

The fried asparagus appetizer and French onion soup at CraftWay Kitchen, with Freakshow wine on tap. Get in my belly!
Sheila Phalen-Miller, co-owner, Better Than Sex Desserts

Stuffed avocado at Urban Rio is the best! It is difficult for me to pick anything else off of the menu because I know this dish is always going satisfy my Mexican food craving.
Shelley Fopiano

Little Rome’s eggplant fiorentini. It may be the perfect food.
Marti Grandinetti

My favorite place to eat when I’m not at Knife is at our neighbors at The District at Willow Bend, Mexican Bar Company. My favorite dish is the Pollo a las Brasas, which is a 3-lb. whole chicken prepared with an adobo rub and garlic mojo, then old-school blackened and served over plantain rice.
John Tesar, executive chef, Knife Steakhouse

The Sichuanese boiled fish from Sichuanese Cuisine Restaurant (the one next to 99 Ranch).
Rachel Chen

Urban Crust // photo Kathy Tran
Urban Crust // photo Kathy Tran

F-Chicken at Urban Crust, not to mention the tomato spread to kick off the meal. It’s fire roasted chicken breast stuffed with spinach, goat cheese, sun dried tomatoes, topped with lemon butter sauce, baked polenta and market veggies.
Monica Shortino

Chicken Larb Gai at Ruang Thai, and the brisket sandwich at Vickery Park.
Nicole Bowman

We love the great pizza and beer at Taverna Rossa, Cool vibe and certainly some great people on the service and customer side at this restaurant. If we’re feeling swanky we go to Whiskey Cake or Sixty Vines. The ribeye at Whiskey Cake is legit but the star is the namesake – the whiskey cake – with that homemade whipped cream.
Kyle Gordon, founder, Dillas

My favorite meal is at Country Burger. They have the best burgers, cheese fries, fried pickles and shakes. It also brings me back to my childhood as I grew up in Plano. Any time I got to pick a place to eat as a kid, I always chose Country Burger! As a teen and young adult I also had many dates with friends and boyfriends there. It’s not just the food that’s great. It’s the experience and memories that makes this place my number one.
Caroline Mostrom

Schnitzel at Bavarian Grill, Abruzzi bread at Covino’s, Wagyu burger at The Capital Grill, a beef hot dog at Henry’s Homemade Ice Cream and breakfast at Red Truck Café.
Gary Hirsch, owner, Hirsch’s Meats

I crave the house salad at Vickery Park in Downtown Plano. It includes dried cranberries and pecans with a vinaigrette. So very yummy!
Laura Coppedge

The Chris P. chicken sandwich at Scotty P’s. It’s like a thick chicken-fried chicken on a bun. It is the crispiest, most decadent chicken sandwich I’ve ever had the pleasure of consuming!
Jeana Dowd

I love the prosciutto pizza from Pie Tap. It is the perfect blend and balance of flavors! You’ve got a little something sweet from the medjool dates, a salty crunch from the pistachio and a creamy balance from the house-made ricotta. Top it off with the prosciutto, arugula and a balsamic drizzle and it is just the best.
Janie Burkett, co-owner, The Biscuit Bar

Best burgers in Plano – Rodeo Goat! My personal favorite is the Ranch House burger.
Lindsey Holm

Answers have been edited for grammar and brevity.

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