Plano Residents Urged to Limit Water Usage

photo Kaboompics
photo Kaboompics

The City of Plano is asking customers to reduce water usage as much as possible during this winter storm.

The City’s water supplier, the North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD), and the City of Plano are experiencing demands that are above system capacity. NTMWD has experienced equipment challenges due to the extreme weather and as a result is not able to supply the water at the rate of current demand.

As NTMWD works to restore system capacity, please consider all measures to reduce water usage:

  • Keep water slowly dripping from faucets to prevent frozen pipes.
  • Delay using water for laundry or dishes.
  • Take short showers, not baths.
  • Cease using irrigation systems immediately. Any customers found using irrigation systems will have their irrigation system shut off and will be assessed fines.

The water is still safe to drink and boiling is not needed at this time.

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