Art Show: Familiar Vantage at Courtyard Theatre

Familiar Vantage features works by Dallas artists Heather Griffin and Abigail Syltie. By embracing the familiar and pursuing the unknown, this perspective creates nostalgia and excitement. This collaboration showcases a variety of both domestic and feral subject matter. Peruse canvases covered with quirky family pets, portraits of beloved relatives, and glimpses into painted memories. Amongst the familiar, discover the new vantage of the unknown: wildlife sightings from across the country, portraits of exotic birds, captured flights of butterflies, and the untouched beauty of raw green nature. Griffin displays themes of family, journeys, relationships, identity, and gender roles in child-rearing. Syltie’s pet portraits capture the beloved spirit of the four-legged friends we invite into our lives and call family.


Jul 26 2017 - Aug 06 2017

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Courtyard Theatre
1509 Ave H, Plano, TX 75074

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