Who Has Your Attention? presented by Art Centre Theatre

Michael Kelly premiered his powerful drama “Love Me Through the Bad” last year at ACT, and is returning with his newest, thought-provoking show, “Who Has Your Attention?”.

Chris and Destiny are living the dream! Young, newly engaged, Chris has just been drafted by the NFL, and Destiny finished her nursing degree and is looking forward to a challenging career. It looks ideal, but we all know appearances can be deceiving. Chris finds himself in a struggle with his Christian ideals, allowing influential people to have him act in ways he knows he shouldn’t, and Destiny finds that reaching a balance in life is not as easy as she imagined. The stress on their engagement increases; with their attention torn in so many directions, could it be that it’s already too late?


Fri, June 9: 7p

Sat, June 10: 7p

Sun, June 11: 3:30p


Jun 09 2017 - Jun 11 2017



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Art Centre Theatre
5220 Village Creek Drive, Plano, TX 75093

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