Love is Blind at Dark Hour Haunted House

Love is blind, I hope you aren’t afraid of the dark…

The air of love has a bitter burn when expelled from the lungs of Giselle Scuro. Giselle, a young witch, took herself away from Coven Manor across the countryside to spy for her sisters. Amongst the town folk, unrecognized for what she was, she met a handsome, young baron whose bold spirit and love of life rivaled her own, and so she took to Daniel Waggoner. He rode her through the towns and estates’, showing off his lovely prize, for Giselle was lovely indeed. Despite herself, she grew more than fond of the young baron, and he for her as he flaunted her to his high-society peers, unaware of her ghoulish secret. Their love was a burning, passionate fire, brightening everywhere they went, some even claiming that they could see the glow at a distance.

Consumed by her fervent love of this mortal man, Giselle decided that she would tell him what she was, keeping her heart hopeful that he would join her. She rode to his home one evening to tell the baron her news, but found that she was too late; one of her own sisters in a terrible fit of jealousy had told Daniel the news and he hanged himself, unable to bear the disgust and horror at his deeds.

In a broken-hearted rage, Giselle now has cast a spell of darkness over the estates and surrounding countryside, determined that all would suffer as she is suffering, with sudden darkness and torment inside.

Feb – 9th, 10th, 14th / every night at 8-11pm


Feb 09 2018 - Feb 14 2018

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Dark Hour Haunted House
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