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Let’s all admit it — wedding receptions are kind of boring. You’re sitting at a table, eating tiny cakes and sipping champagne while watching the happy couple have the most wonderful day of their lives, when you realize that nobody else seems to be having a good time. The dance floor is empty; the music is sub-par. That’s where the Space Rockers come in. The Space Rockers are rock star superheroes from another planet sent to Earth to help us get our groove back.

If it all sounds a little crazy, it is. But it’s true. The Space Rockers are one of seven bands owned by Plano-based Stargazer Productions, a company created by musician Cord Stone to deliver distinctive corporate and special-event show bands. In addition to making any yawn-inducing wedding, event or party a lot more fun, many of these bands feature interesting thematic elements for clients seeking something unique to leave a lasting impression.

The Space Rockers in concert // photo courtesy of Stargazer Productions

The Space Rockers include Captain Cosmos, who is obsessed with Hollywood stars; Probe claims to be a mind reader who can fly; Thunderstruck is the chief repair engineer on the spaceship and Neuron is a helmet-wearing brainiac. Finally, Spaceship is the Space Rockers’ spacecraft. She has a female, robotic voice and is secretly in love with an oblivious Captain Cosmos.

“I sought to create a one-of-a-kind band that extended beyond the stage,” said Cord, when explaining how he came up with the idea for the Space Rockers. “I wanted a backstory, characters, costumes, comedy, choreography, stage pops — something totally unique that would entertain people and be fun for the performers as well.”

This out-of-this-world band plays music from the 80s, 90s and beyond. Stargazer Productions is also home to the Electric Circus, a band costumed in vintage circus-themed clothes; The High Rollers, a flashy, casino-themed band, all dressed in black and gold; The 80’s-themed New Waves donning Napoleon Dynamite-like workout clothing and The After Party, a chic, urban band dressed in modern black and white.

The Electric Circus performing live // photo courtesy Stargazer Productions

Two other bands are available for more formal affairs: Satellite and On the Dancefloor. Cord said that they have a unified look that isn’t drastically funky, so they can perform for clients who want hip, young musicians in stylish clothing. Satellite’s slogan is “Broadcasting Live,” as if tuning into the airwaves to transmit the best hits of all decades. On the Dancefloor is like a live DJ in band form.

Each of these distinct bands all came from the creative mind of Cord. “I always start out selecting the style of music for the band,” Cord explained. “Next, a band concept is formed and a name is brainstormed to match. Then highly skilled professional musicians are contracted. Finally, the costumes are designed. Sometimes the bands contribute their own style and costumes along the themed guidelines. And, in many cases, my wife, Dedra, sews costumes or alters clothing to give them a unique Stargazer touch.”

Thunderstruck, the drummer for the Space Rockers // photo Jenice Johnson Williams

Cord loves two things about his job — working with some of the finest musicians and entertainers in Texas and working with his wife. “The musicians bring so much talent to Stargazer Productions and enable the vision we’ve had for the bands to become a reality,” said Cord. “And my wife is a great friend; it is rewarding being able to spend time together and have a common goal to work toward.”

There is no event too big or too serious for Stargazer Productions. The bands have performed at fundraising galas, festivals, corporate and private parties for clients that include Dell, Google Fiber, Citgo, Harley-Davidson, USAA, Ronald McDonald House and many more.

Stargazer Productions was created in 2007 in Austin, before relocating to Plano in 2014. “Plano was an obvious choice for the business and my family to put down roots,” said Cord. “It has several thriving live music venues such as Blue Martini and Sambuca 360, and it is a safe place for my children to grow up. Plano also has a rich diversity of people, has many talented musicians, and is in a perfect location. We have loved Plano ever since we arrived!”

Welcome to Earth, Space Rockers and Stargazer Productions! We look forward to dancing to your stellar tunes on this side of the galaxy.

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Upcoming shows

The Space Rockers
January 21 – Blue Martini
January 27 – Sambuca 360

The After Party
January 20 – Sambuca 360
January 27 – Blue Martini
February 17 – Blue Martini

On the Dancefloor
February 3 – Blue Martini
February 24 – Blue Martini
February 25 – Sambuca 360

January 28 – Blue Martini
February 3 – Blue Martini
February 11 – Sambuca 360

The High Rollers
February 11 – Blue Martini


Stargazer Productions is always looking for talented singers and musicians. Anyone interested in auditioning should email Cord Stone.

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