May Crossword Puzzle

Below are the answers to the Crossword Puzzle in our May/June print issue.


  1. Farming implement that marks the roadside entrance to Hash House a Go Go. TRACTOR
  1. Car #360 marks the original site of the _____________ Electric Railway. TEXAS
  1. Saigon Street restaurant specializes in the cuisine of this Asian country. VIETNAM
  1. In 1965, the Wildcats beat this team to win the AA Texas State Football Championship. EDNA
  1. Executive Chef at Smoke restaurant. TIM BYRES
  1. Plano-based chef Tre Wilcox was a contestant on this TV show. TOP CHEF
  1. This past November, catapults flung pumpkins high into the air at this event. SLINGFEST
  2. The Hibiscus Margarita at Mexican Sugar is garnished with an _______. ORCHID
  1. Theatre ___________ puts on a traditional British panto every holiday season. BRITAIN
  1. Legends Popcorn mascot. YETI
  1. Bavarian Grill spotlights cuisine from this European nation. GERMANY
  1. This masculine brunch drink from Angela’s on the Crosswalk will put hair on your chest. MANMOSA
  1. This historic home at Haggard Park is being renovated to house the ArtCentre of Plano. SAIGLING
  1. Wholesome Grub serves a fresh-pressed juice named after this green superhero. HULK



  1. Henry Gentry Jr. claims his homemade ice cream “makes you ______________.” PRETTY
  1. Butler’s Pantry offers classes teaching this art form. CALLIGRAPHY
  1. Built in 1867, the Joseph Forman house is now home to this Scandinavian shop. WOODEN SPOON
  1. Devouring this entire “grande” burger at Kenny’s Burger Joint earns a spot on the Wall of Fame. EL JEFE
  1. Home of the Assassination City Roller Derby bouts. THUNDERBIRD
  1. This festival, held every September at Oak Point Park, is full of hot air. BALLOON
  1. Cheryl “Action” Jackson named her Plano food pantry after her mother, ________ Ewing. MINNIE
  1. Napoleon Dynamite would love this Plano quesadilla eatery. DILLAS
  1. Dubs Tea and Water owner Lance Wayman is originally from ________, Texas. VICTORIA
  1. Go Ape Treetop Adventures opened in March at this Plano park. OAK POINT
  1. Ye Ole Butcher Shop is famous for ________ burgers. BUFFALO
  1. North Plano neighborhood known for its over-the-top Christmas lights display. DEERFIELD
  1. Built in 1961, this is where you can cannonball into Amarillo or belly flop onto Texarkana. TEXAS POOL
  1. Taste of the Islands owners Rehan and Azaad Bacchus are from this Caribbean nation. GUYANA
  1. The first Saturday of every month, Classic BMW hosts the automotive spectacle of Cars and _____________. COFFEE