DFW Scavenger Hunt Introduces Virtual Hunts

Virtual At-Home Hunts // courtesy DFW Scavenger Hunt
Virtual At-Home Hunts // courtesy DFW Scavenger Hunt

DFW Scavenger Hunt has been getting teams, families and friend groups out their front doors and into the city to explore and solve clues for a couple years now. Like many other businesses, though, the outdoors part of what it does is crucial. That’s all changed now, and DFW Scavenger Hunt has adapted to create Stay Home Scavenger Hunts.

During the Stay Home Hunt, your host challenges you to solve puzzles by tracking down items from inside your home. You’ll be racing against the clock to collect clues and work with your teammates to finish the game in time. Games you might do include rearranging letters to discover the item you need to retrieve, identifying a mystery image, determining an item that meets a specific set of criteria, identifying a song title from a clip, solving trivia questions or some word play.

Example of a Stay Home Scavenger Hunt clue // courtesy DFW Scavenger Hunts
Example of a Stay Home Scavenger Hunt clue // courtesy DFW Scavenger Hunts

Like the other scavenger hunts it offers, the Stay Home Hunt is great for coworkers, family and friends. The silver lining is that these hunts can be done anywhere, no longer restricted just to the DFW area. You can use it as a team-building exercise with coworkers in different states; you can use it for a virtual birthday party; you can use it to catch up with your extended family in a fun, unique way; you can use it to spice up a virtual happy hour with friends. 

DFW Scavenger Hunt will facilitate the game through your preferred collaboration tool, from Zoom to Skype to Google Hangouts to WebEx, and can customize any hunt to incorporate your organization’s themes, values or even inside jokes. To book a Stay Home Scavenger Hunt is $12 per person with a $96 minimum.

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