Residents express frustration after Evans Park renovation is delayed

Photo by Plano Parks and Recreation.
After Plano Parks and Recreation posted on Facebook updating residents of a delay in renovation, residents expressed concerns.

In a Facebook post, the City of Plano gave an update about the renovations at Evans Park. Plano residents commented, sharing their frustrations.

“The contractor hired to complete the project defaulted, and more information is pending in order to establish a timeline for completion,” the post reads. “The claim process for this default must be followed as required by the contract.”

Evans Park’s playground is set to be replaced, along with added features to make the park fully ADA compliant. Also, there will be added trees, new seating, and repairs to the walking trails. The project is approximately 75% complete, however a new contractor must be brought in after the surety company evaluates bids.

“[T]here shouldn’t be any bidding process as that was completed when the first contractor was selected. If the cost goes up that is on the surety company,” one commenter said.

Many residents complain about the project taking too long. The park officially closed in February 2021. In a survey conducted in December 2018, 67% of 94 participants said they visit Evans Park “often.” 23% said they visit “once in a while.”

“In the meantime, our neighborhood has waited over a year for about a month’s work,” another commenter said. “This should not be taking this long.”

The City of Plano suggests park goers visit other parks nearby, such as Cheyenne Park, Caddo Park, Liberty Park and Longhorn Park.

“As soon as we are able to provide any additional information about a timeline for completion, we will post it on the project’s webpage and share it [on Facebook],” the Plano Parks and Recreation post said.

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