Collin Mckinney’s 250th Birthday Party

Among the 58 statesmen that comprised the Texas Consultation, befriending and working alongside military heroes for Texas’ independence, was Collin McKinney. He was one of five men tasked to draft the Texas Declaration of Independence at the Convention of 1836. At 70 years of age, he was the first and oldest delegate to sign the document and was presented with the quill and inkwell used to sign it. He was also responsible for the configuration of Texas counties, with the requirement that no county should be larger than a day’s ride by horse to the county seat.

As namesake of both Collin County and the county seat of McKinney, his life will be memorialized with a Texas-sized Sestercentennial (250th) celebration this April. An original manuscript has been published, titled “Texas Maker: The Heretofore Unknown Legend of Collin McKinney,” with story and illustrations by author Eric Nishimoto. It tells how McKinney, an humble yet steel-willed statesman, businessman, lay preacher, outfitter, Indian fighter and more, quietly helped guide Texas toward independence, the formation of the Republic of Texas and annexation to the United States.

On April 16, a variety of family-friendly activities will take place in historic downtown McKinney to celebrate Collin McKinney’s 250th birthday.

10am, Collin County Historical Museum: Local dignitaries will kick-off the celebration. Birthday cake will be served! Explore the Collin McKinney exhibit at the museum until 4pm.

1pm, Collin County Historical Museum: Combined McKinney ISD choirs will perform a concert.

4-7pm, Green space adjacent to Chestnut Square: North Texas cooks face off in a BBQ contest. Tastings are $2 each. Live music provided by Santa Fe Line.

Throughout the weekend, there will be plenty more celebrating, with art exhibits, a digital scavenger hunt and a cake walk. Full details at the link below.

Collin McKinney Sestercentennial Celebration >

A portion of this article was taken from a previously published story by Janice Craze Cline and Kaci Lahpor.

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