Inaugural Apparition Expedition | 2017

On Friday the 13th (of October, that is) a couple hundred brave souls embarked on the inaugural Apparition Expedition, a stroll through Plano’s paranormal past. Part spooky stories and part history lessons, the haunted hike was a joint effort between the City of Plano, the city’s Heritage Commission, The Plano Conservancy for Historic Preservation, Plano Magazine, Plano Podcast and Historic Downtown Plano Association.

Participants in groups of 20 embarked every 15-30 minutes with their assigned tour guides to make stops at the Interurban Railway Museum, A.R. Schell & Son building, Masonic Lodge, La Foofaraw, Chaddick building, Old Community Well, Shinola, Wooden Spoon, Carpenter house, Lang house, Holman Pottery, the Olney Davis house, Cox building and Saigling house. Attendees were able to check out areas normally off-limits to the public. The hike stretched about 1.5 miles, with a trolley bringing groups to the latter stops.

An after-party was held at Old Community Well, where a GoPro camera was sent down into the century-old well to inspect items to be found at least 18 ft. down. After bringing up a very historic roll of masking tape, the efforts were suspended until better extraction tools can be acquired. XO Coffee and Old Community Well provided catering and drinks for attendees. Plano Podcast held a Best Listener contest and awarded a prize to an attendee who correctly guessed which ghost story was phony.

The Apparition Expedition quickly sold out just days after being announced this year. Preliminary plans are to expand the event next year to multiple days to afford a larger quantity of tickets for sale.

Enjoy a look at this year’s event // photos by Tim Sporcic and Jennifer Shertzer:

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