Ringo’s Pub 7th Annual St. Patrick’s Block Party

Keeping with tradition, Ringo’s Pub held their 7th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Block Party this past weekend, and Plano showed up in every shade of green for the festivities. From emerald t-shirts, blazers, hats and headbands to chartreuse glittery shoes, beads and stickers, everyone was decked out in something festive, especially the leprechauns in attendance.

Ringo’s Pub’s Block Party crowd // photo courtesy Kelley Liddle, member of the band Big Daddy

Ringo’s crowd was a large, diverse group of 20-somethings to 60-somethings. Block partiers were able to dine inside Ringo’s Irish-themed pub, or spill over to the festivities in the parking lot out back. Entrance fee to the block party was $10 before 5pm and $20 afterward.

The block party started at 2pm, but the crowd didn’t get really big until 5pm or so. A big stage was set up for live music, and throughout the day Christian Sly, Big Daddy, Petty Theft (a Tom Pretty tribute band), Awesome Sauce (an 80s tribute band) and headliners Bowling for Soup kept the crowd dancing and singing along. DJ Double E was also there to keep the music going between sets.

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Photos courtesy of Ringo’s Pub

Everyone knows one of the best ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day is with a good drink. Ringo’s made sure festive beverages were readily available no matter which direction you turned. You had your trusty standbys from the beer tents – Coors light and Miller light – or you could party harder with vodka or Crown and mixers. Suitably, green beer and Irish Car Bombs were also free-flowing. Red Bull tents were set up for partiers to catch up and drink up.

With all that drinking, people needed something to stuff into their bellies. The food trucks and pizza tent were a big hit. D-Lish served up organic options, sandwiches, sliders, tacos, burgers and a specialty lobster quesadilla. The Smokin’ Chef, known for serving Texas’ Best Hickory Smoked BBQ, offered an unusual parfait, layering your choice of barbecued meat, mashed potatoes, BBQ sauce and chives.

Irish or not, Saturday’s block party at Ringo’s Pub was good times for everyone. We’re already looking forward to next year.

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