Bavarian Grill

When you’re in the mood for the best German food, beer and authentic atmosphere this side of, well, Germany, swing by the Bavarian Grill in Plano. It wasn’t voted the Best German Restaurant in America twice and the reigning titleholder of Highest Rated German Restaurant in Texas for 8 years running for nothing!

Bavarian Grill founder and owner, Juergen Mahneke


Celebrating its 21st year in the same location on West Parker Road, Bavarian Grill has earned a special place in the hearts — and stomachs — of locals and visitors alike. The owner, Juergen Mahneke, credits the success of his business to the guiding business philosophy, the Seven Rings:

(1) over 60 authentic, fresh Bavarian beers, (2) served in the correct style of glass; (3) authentic and flavorful food; (4) freshly baked, authentic bread; (5) authentic uniforms worn by a friendly and knowledgeable staff; (6) and an upbeat and positive atmosphere that creates a happy feeling and memorable moments.

Each of these individual “rings” works in unison to create the premise of the final ring: (7) guests leave with a smile on their face wanting to return with their friends, and team members leave with a smile, wanting to return to their next shift.

Servers play “Happy Birthday” with hand bells to a group of celebrating friends.

You kind of sense a theme here, don’t you? Authenticity, that’s right. It’s genuine and comforting. From the moment you approach the door, you hear the undeniable sounds of Germany and feel a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. Leave your worries of the day behind and allow yourself to be transported to Bavaria, a state in Southeast Germany, and be enveloped in the rich history that is showcased everywhere.

A collection of glasses representing all the different beers that have been served at Bavarian Grill.

The pride Mahneke feels is evident. From personal photos with amazing stories and Germany-themed puzzles (one always being worked by customers, as well as completed masterpieces decorating the walls), to postcards from customers’ travel adventures and hundreds of steins lining the walls belonging to members of the Stein Club (you can become a member, too — check this out when you go!), you understand that this is more than a place to come for lunch or dinner. It’s a place to experience a different culture, complete with history, aromas, tastes, sounds and friendliness.


As an extra bonus, you’ll be treated to live, traditional German music every evening they’re open. Add this to the top-notch, traditional food and beer being served and the genuine love of people that is evident, you don’t have to wonder why families have been coming back year after year, celebrating special moments and everyday moments at Bavarian Grill. If you haven’t been — go. You won’t be disappointed.

Alan Walling, a Bavarian Grill regular, entertaining guests with German music, Christmas songs, and humorous banter.


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