Daiso Plano

Update on September 7: Daiso’s grand opening has been rescheduled for September 23-24.

People of Plano, get out your cute little hoodies with the kitty ears and get pumped up! You’re invited to the grand opening of our very own Daiso.

Daiso is a discount store created in Hiroshima in 1972. The Japanese juggernaut has since branched out to over 3,000 locations worldwide. Daiso is beloved by so many, because it combines Japan’s kawaii culture–a love for all things “cute”–with the country’s respect for professionalism and politeness. The end result is a store that is clean and modern in its organization, and filled to the brim with products that are joyful, practical, and–at $1.50 per pop–affordable.

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The store is organized into ordinary sections including cosmetics, snacks, crafts and stationery, housewares and fashion. But don’t be fooled. This is not your ordinary stop-n-shop. The food section boasts plum/wasabi peanuts, milk-flavored fried cookie dough and squid leg jerky. Meanwhile, back in housewares, you’ll find dozens of tea cups featuring cartoon animals (like a pig working out at the gym and a cat giving an inspirational speech). You can also pick up lunchboxes made specifically for sushi, oven mitts shaped like hedgehogs, pastel toilet plungers, lucky cat figurines, straw garden hats with festive brims, paper lanterns and memory foam flip flops.  

If you show up to the August 26-27 Plano grand opening, don’t be surprised if you are joined by a long line of savvy Daiso shoppers. Although the Plano store is only the third in Texas, both previous Texas openings have been huge hits with both Japanese immigrants and urban explorers who adore Daiso’s unique treasures. The first 100 shoppers to make a purchase at the Plano location on both August 26-27 will receive goody bags. Weekend shoppers will also receive raffle tickets for a drawing on Saturday at 5pm.

Grand Opening of the Daiso in Carrollton // photo courtesy Daiso

We haven’t created teleporters yet, so Daiso Plano is the closest thing we have to a quick hop from Texas to the whimsical world of Tokyo thrift. 

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