Dallas Vintage Shop’s Picks for Best Halloween Costumes of 2016

As any North Texas connoisseur of costumes will tell you, there’s no topping the thousands of choices at Dallas Vintage Shop. For the past 16 years, DVS in Plano has been the premiere supplier for the hundreds of costume parties that happen every year in the metroplex.

As the experts on the art of dressing up as someone else, Dallas Vintage Shop has put together their own website where you can choose your next hootenanny to attend. Owner Jerry Purvis polled the experts at his store and came up with this list of the best Halloween costumes of 2016.

1. Game of Thrones

All photography courtesy of Dallas Vintage Shop // All outfits shown are available at Dallas Vintage Shop

“Game of Thrones” is set in a feudal fantasy world that combines the mysteries of magic with the wanton violence of Shakespearean tragedy. There are hundreds of characters and everybody has a favorite (Mine is Ser Jorah Mormont!). Obviously, when you are dealing with knights on various paths of redemption, doughy-eyed damsels in distress, raging warlords, and wicked priests, the costumes choices are epic and endless.

Above we have Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen, the Unburnt, Queen of the Andals, Mother of Dragons, etc. This outfit is from her days traveling the grassy plains with her loyal entourage. Notice the trusted dragon on her shoulder, which pretty much makes all of those pirates with parrots look like total noobs. She has more titles next to her name than a Harry Potter novel and an outfit for every one of them. Go crazy this year with your favorite look!

And to her right is fan favorite Jon Snow, complete with his sword Longclaw, fur cloak and that curly black hair that all women love and all men envy (and yes, Dallas Vintage Shop has you covered with high quality wigs). Jon is the the dark and handsome hero and White Wolf of the North. If you find yourself wanting to channel the more idealistic and stalwart virtues of “Game of Thrones,” there’s no better choice (except for maybe Brienne of Tarth) than our pal Jon.

2. Harley Quinn


Hi, puddin’!” Pictured here, we have the sexy and psychotic Harley Quinn from “Suicide Squad.” Here’s a quick breakdown of her resume: Joker’s Girlfriend, ex-psychiatrist turned co-dependent murderer, a bittersweetie with a heart of bubblegum and gold. DC’s anti-hero blockbuster “Suicide Squad” definitely had its mixed reviews, but there was no arguing that Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn stole the show. Don’t be surprised if you see an entire Suicide Squad made up of Harley Quinns at your Halloween party of choice.

3. Dia De Los Muertos


According to Jerry, Dia De Los Muertos is a trend that gets bigger and bigger every year. The combined spookiness of the face paint (DVS carries theatre quality makeup) with the sartorial elegance of the outfits provide a Gothic experience that would fill even spooky skeletal artist Jose Guadalupe Posada with pride.

4. Rey


There’s probably no bigger girl power figure out there right now than Rey from “Star Wars.” The Force-sensitive Rey is caring, courageous and humble. She also kicks butt! The “Star Wars” films of the past were largely dominated by strong male figures, so Rey is a welcomed role model for young girls and boys alike. While planet Earth waits to figure out the rest of her backstory–who are her parents?!—all of her adoring fans will be dressed in desert threads and ready to take on the First Order.

5. Severus Snape


On January 14, 2016, the world said a heartfelt goodbye to Alan Rickman, who played the tragically misunderstood Severus Snape in the “Harry Potter” film series. Harry Potter fans are some of the most loyal and dedicated fans in the world. Many will choose to dress up like Professor Snape this year to honor the passing of Alan Rickman and the sometimes relentless, sometimes redemptive character he brought to life. “Sectumsempra!

Happy Halloween from your friends at Plano Magazine. Now that Dallas Vintage Shop has you outfitted, have a spooky old time!

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