Girl Boss 2018: Abbie Alter

Moving some place new can feel like starting over. New “everything” has to be established – friends, doctors, services and schools. With her husband’s job relocating the family from London to Plano in 2013, Abbie Alter knows all too well the struggles moms face when having to get life going in a new place. When she left behind her tribe in England, she needed to find a new one.

Abbie had many questions when she moved here, but no idea where to find answers. Having a 20-year career in marketing back in the United Kingdom, she decided to start a Facebook page to connect with other moms around Plano. The idea started small; it would just be a place to organize playdates for kids and meet other women; and soon, Plano Moms group was born. Since then, it has grown into a multifaceted enterprise that connects moms with businesses, events and information. 

Abbie believes most women want that sense of personal connection of being able to ask a friend for advice. Plano Moms is a group for all women looking to expand their circle, not just new-to-town moms hoping to connect. This outlet allows participants to receive not only helpful recommendations but find relatable others.

The Plano Moms Talk Facebook group has expanded from its original format. In addition to the page where questions can be submitted, there is a blog, business directory, list of business offers or coupons, calendar of events and weekly live shows that discuss mom-related topics. Plano Moms also connects with readers through its website, email newsletter, Instagram feed and other social media channels. Abbie has a team that helps her monitor their pages, offer meet-ups and keep the mom-related content flowing. 

Abbie tries to attend and speak at all Plano Moms events, and she gives one piece of advice to women new to Plano: “Always say yes to every single invitation.” She explains, “If you never say yes, you’ll never find your tribe. Eventually one of those yesses leads you to a person or group of people that are YOUR people.”

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