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In the absence of words, emotions exist. In Sarah Hickey’s world, emotions are almost miraculously expressed through colors, depth and lines to tell stories of beauty and God’s word. This Plano resident and owner of Innerglow Art isn’t afraid to do things her own way, take on new challenges, create stunning custom paintings and share her love of art with everyone around her. 

“Artists have an integral role in society in which they have the ability to inspire others, create something beautiful and have a huge voice without using words,” said Sarah. “Artists can communicate through imagery, convey feelings and evoke a response from the viewer.”

Scroll through Sarah’s website – or visit one of the local retailers that carry her art, like Birchwood Home Décor in Dallas – and you’ll notice two things: None of her pieces are ever quite the same, and all of them utilize vibrant colors and textures that make them wonderful in their own ways. Her work, self-described as “contemporary abstract, colorful and bright,” is made with acrylic paints, fluid acrylic mediums and gold/silver leaf.

Artist Sarah Hickey surrounded by her artworks in her home studio // photo Kathy Tran

Unlike most painters who work solo, Sarah specializes in designing custom artwork for clients. “I thrive by connecting with people in their homes and painting a meaningful piece for them, which sets me apart from other artists,” Sarah explains. “I incorporate my abstract style with the color combinations to match someone’s home décor, at a size that’s perfect for their space. To me, it means more to know the artists and their processes, rather than just purchasing a print of art in a retail store.”

Long before she became a commissioned artist, Sarah’s creative talent first bloomed at four years old when the TV show “Pappy Land” taught her how to draw. “I’ve always enjoyed art, ever since I was a little kid, and I feel that [God] has gifted me with art,” she explained. Since then, she has been drawing and creating, and eventually took art classes in high school and college that taught her to explore different mediums. Her art has been featured in libraries, won awards in school, and been sold at West Elm pop up shops, local retailers, online and through social media.

Bible verses inspire each masterpiece, as Sarah believes “there is a connection between the word of God and the movement and energy that is expressed through my paintings.” Each piece is unique and features a different story or message. One of her favorites is called “Heaven is for Real,” which she painted after she found out she had a miscarriage last year. “This was a tribute to my unborn child, and it had a soft palette color scheme of pinks, blues and creams with touches of gold and silver leaf,” Sarah explained. “I poured my heart into that painting, and it sold quickly to a sweet couple.”

A portion of each painting sold is donated to a nonprofit organization called Compassion for Asia, which Sarah’s mom, Josephine, founded as a way to provide food and basic needs to the poor in third-world parts of the Philippines. Josephine was born in the Philippines and holds a special place in her heart for helping her people. “I knew when I started painting that I wanted to paint with a purpose,” Sarah said. 

Sarah painting the art piano in Downtown Plano // photo Jennifer Shertzer

When Sarah isn’t busy working from her in-home art studio, you can find her taking care of her 2-month-old son, Elijah, helping her husband, Shayne, design homes that he flips and renovates, eating at Legacy Hall or enjoying coffee at 1418 in Downtown Plano. 

“We are all created with an innate gift – a gift that comes naturally to us,” said Sarah. “I believe we were designed to use these gifts to show God’s glory. This life is too short to not live out our passions and share them with others.

Sarah’s paintings will leave you feeling uplifted, inspired and moved. Her inner glow is radiant – and we feel blessed that this talented artist calls Plano home.

Innerglow Art custom paintings start at $595. Shop at, visit her Etsy Shop at innerglowartstudio, and follow her on Instagram @innerglowart or Facebook at innerglowartstudio. Contact for more information. 

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