Nonprofits Directly Aiding COVID-19 Related Issues: LifePath Systems

LifePath Systems serves individuals and families impacted by behavioral health, intellectual or developmental challenges. As the designated local mental health and developmental disabilities provider for Collin County, it is still fully open. Many of its services are historically utilized by individuals who make low-income wages.

“Typically, we have about three thousand people that use our services per month, and those people rely on us to get their medications and therapy. We’ve continued to serve them, even if it means using [telemedicine] or phone calls,” Executive Director Tammy Mahan said.

Individuals who deal with substance abuse issues, mental illness or developmental disabilities cannot defer treatment. They need a support system, and LifePath continues to be that even during a global pandemic.

“Though this continues to go on, we can’t put life on hold. We need to address these issues. Whether it’s a developmentally delayed child or an adult with anxiety, or bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia. The stress of this is exacerbating that, and we want to be here for them no matter what,” Tammy said.

LifePath has received reports of otherwise mentally healthy people currently struggling. The quarantine and other factors of a global pandemic trigger mental health issues; they can be especially exacerbated for people living alone or in a stressful family environment.

“Anyone can always call the crisis line. We will direct them as needed. We still do mobile crisis outreach. It may mean standing on your porch and talking to someone, but we can do that for you,” Tammy said.

How You Can Help:

LifePath Systems is accepting donations of protective equipment like masks and gloves as well as cleaning supplies including anti-bacterial wipes, cleaning solution, soap and hand sanitizer.

If You Need Help:

The statewide crisis line is 1-833-986-1919. The local crisis line for Collin County is 1-877-422-5939. The number for LifePath Systems is 1-844-544-5939. LifePath Systems’ Facebook page is running a video series of five-10 minute videos discussing how to cope.

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