People of Plano: Madan and Sneh Goyal

Madan and Sneh Goyal // photo Daly Rea

Madan and Sneh Goyal met in India at the young ages of 27 and 23, respectively. After merely a week of knowing each other, the pair married in 1969 and recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary Aug. 10. Soon after marrying, they moved from India to New York, then to Dallas in 1973 and have lived in Plano since 1982. The Goyals didn’t let the fear of a new culture keep them from getting plugged in to their community.

What have you loved about living in Plano?

Madan: Plano is a very welcoming city and diverse, so as a result, you experience various cultures. Plano has been very nice to us. Plano schools have done a good job. I think Plano schools are educating the students so they can be good citizens.

Sneh and Madan Goyal // photos Daly Rea
Sneh and Madan Goyal // photos Daly Rea

How are you involved in the community?

Sneh: We like to volunteer. I have been involved with the Plano Public Library and was on their advisory board for one term. Currently, I am on the senior advisory board for City of Plano. We are there to pinpoint the needs of seniors and then bring it to the attention of city council. I have also volunteered with the Wellness Center of Plano and the Senior Center of Plano with their computer classes as a coach.

Madan: When [Haggard] Library was built, I was on the Library Board. I helped start PISD’s Multi Ethnic Committee to advise the administration and the board because a lot of our students were coming in either non-English speaking or otherwise culturally different. I was also a part of the City of Plano Multicultural Outreach Roundtable (MCOR) to give the mayor input from different cultural residents.

Madan with Haggard Library plaque
Madan with Haggard Library plaque

Why is volunteering important?

Sneh: You are not just thinking of your own self; the whole time you are thinking of others. It is very rewarding to get involved at many different levels, even the small groups are important.

Madan: We are not an island by ourselves. We need to be involved and do whatever we can. If we are fortunate, there may be others who are less fortunate. It is also a way to set an example for the children. If the children see their parents involved, they are encouraged and they feel that they should be active in their community as well.

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