Plano Art Association Announces New Officers

The election comes at the end of term limits for the previous officers: Mike Korman, Vice President; Soheyla Rashidyan, President; Nancy Korman, Treasurer (not pictured); and Louise Dillard, Interim Secretary. Also pictured above: Gene Dillard, incoming President; Linda McCarley, incoming Vice President; Howard Greisdorf, incoming Treasurer; and Maureen Jistel, incoming Secretary.

On the May 30 annual members meeting of the Plano Art Association (PAA) the membership elected new officers to serve a one-year term.

When the new officers were announced at the members meeting, outgoing Vice President Mike Korman said on behalf of outgoing officers that they share a common desire to see the new administration succeed. At the meeting he recited a long list of recent major accomplishments that set a high bar for the new leadership.

The new officers pictured here (left to right) are Howard Greisdorf, Treasurer; Linda McCarley, Vice President; Gene Dillard, President; and Maureen Jistel, Secretary.

“The new officers are excited by the opportunity to continue the momentum PAA has achieved over the past two years,” said Gene Dillard, newly elected president. “The previous administration has accomplished huge strides in positioning PAA as a strong, vibrant organization serving its members and the community. Our goal is to build on those accomplishments.”

The Plano Art Association is a 48-year-old non-profit membership organization that serves artists in the Plano area. For the past four years, it has operated a gallery located in the  Downtown Plano Arts District. However, it recently relinquished that space due to substantial rent increase the district is experiencing. Going forward PAA will partner with the ArtCentre of Plano to hold its meeting and key exhibits at the recently restored Saigling House, permanent home of the ArtCentre.

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