Plano ‘Pinions: What’s your favorite dish at any restaurant in Plano?

Planoites are an opinionated bunch. We may be the Guide to the Good Stuff, but we’re always curious to hear what you think. Every so often, we ask our online readers their opinion on a different topic. This time, we wanted to know:

What is your favorite dish at any restaurant in Plano?

The bacon egg + cheese at The Biscuit Bar is delicious. It reminds me of my mom cooking breakfast on Sunday morning when I was a kid.
– Cortney D.

Covino’s chicken piccata with tender chicken, lemony sauce and yummy capers. Covino’s is a Plano classic.
– Yuki O.

The cheese enchiladas at Anamia’s are simply scrumptious. The chili con carne sauce is delicious. It never disappoints.
– Kaycee S.

Whiskey cake from Whiskey Cake…dessert counts as a dish, right? It’s one of the best, if not the best dessert around.
– Mary E.

Blackened shrimp tacos at Sea Breeze Fish Market & Grill. They’re loaded with shrimp and overall fresh, great taste.
– Christine D. 

Roasted corn and crab enchiladas at Urban Rio. They are different and delicious.
– Diana M.

Pollo en mole at Casa Mama. It has excellent balance of flavors.
– Sharon H. 

Goat cheese beignet with honey at CRÚ Food & Wine Bar because they are a decadent, delicious, indulgent, crunchy, sweet and savory experience.
– Jessica P. 

Wood-fired cauliflower at Sixty Vines is cooked perfectly and so unique.
– LaDonna S.

Any pizza at Urban Crust.
– Jeanmarie B.

Shawarma at Shawarma Bar in Legacy Hall. It is so fresh and authentic, I could eat it for every meal.
– Ali J.

Everything and anything on the menu at Mr. Wok is good.
– Kerry D.

Sushi at Zenna. It is my favorite because it is the best sushi in the area. I have not liked sushi from anywhere else.
– Cindy C.

Mutti’s jäger schnitzel at Jörg’s Cafe Vienna because it is the most delicious thing I’ve ever tasted in my life.
– Ashley L.

The turkey burger at True Food Kitchen is divine.
– Zhanna A.

Hot pot with salmon at Yoshi Shabu Shabu is made with the freshest ingredients, tons of flavor and is so good.
– Victoria A.

Original cheese pizza at Kenny’s East Coast Pizza. It’s so cheesy and delicious.
– Barbara V. 

The steaks at The Keg Steakhouse + Bar are always on point.
– Marie J.

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