Plano ‘Pinions: What’s Your Favorite Dish in Plano?

Planoites are an opinionated bunch. We may be the Guide to the Good Stuff, but we’re always curious to hear what you think. Every so often, we ask our online readers their opinion on a different topic. Everyone loves to recommend their favorite restaurant or favorite things to eat in Plano. This time, we wanted to know:

What’s Your Favorite Dish in Plano?

The Hungry Man at Mama Jenny’s, because it gives me the energy to start the day!
– Tino T.

Queen Margherita pizza at Taverna Rossa. It’s my favorite pizza, and they have an amazing beer selection.
– Kim G.

Salmon burger with fries at Grub Burger Bar. Their shakes are an added bonus.
– Aimee D.

The Neopolitan pizza and goat cheese stuffed peppadew peppers at Fireside Pies. Makes it so easy to enjoy an evening out as a vegetarian and the food is always delicious!
– Angela W.

We love Sushi Lover! The sushi is amazing, and the Japanese lasagna is so good.
– Melissa T.

The cheesy fries at Rugby House are the best in the area.
– James R.

The Tailgate Party and peach margaritas at Cuellars’ Fajita Ranch.
– Richard D.

Cuellars Fajita Ranch // Kathy Tran

Avocado Eggs Benedict at Sixty Vines. Delicious twist on the classic dish!
– Lara L.

Crab cakes at Fleming’s Steakhouse are awesome. Flavorful with large crab pieces.
– Melissa R.

The chicken salad sandwich at Great Harvest Baking Company is fantastic, as well as their breads.
– Pamela C.

Steak Frites at The Holy Grail Pub. I have to get it every time and my friends tease me, but the steak is always perfect. The fries are crispy on the outside and tender inside. All this paired with the au jus sauce and crispy onions is perfection.
– Rosinda W.

Any schnitzel at Jörg’s Café Vienna, because it is the best anywhere.
– Debbie E.

Scnitzel at Jörg’s Café Vienna // Erica Wieting

Barnes & Noble Kitchen has the best Caeser salad on the planet.
– Corley R.

Picante Enchiladas at Salsa’s Tex Mex, because they are just spicy enough.
– Martha C.

My favorite dish at Chuy’s is the “big as yo face” grilled sirloin burrito covered in their famous boom boom sauce. It’s a perfect blend of flavors with perfectly cooked meat and spicy mess from the sauce.
– David H.

Tonkatsu ramen and green tea ice cream mochi at Kula, because they are super delicious.
– Sarah J.

Limoncello cake at Italian Bistro, because it is so light, fluffy and delicious.
– Jolee K.

Chicken and waffles at Hash House a Go Go and Texas Breakfast at Poor Richard’s Café. Both are great for that Southern comfort food!
– Ryan S.

Chicken and Waffles at Hash House a Go Go // Jennifer Shertzer

Tamale Pie at Urban Rio.
– Craig B.

The freaking amazing whiskey cake at Whiskey Cake! It’s a life changing dessert!
– Alice M.

Chicken Fried Steak at Norma’s Café in Plano is favorite because it is so good. My son and I get to share it so we can each get our own Key Lime pie.
– Armando Q.

Macadamia chicken at Kona Grill. It reminds me of Hawaii.
– Britt W.

Rico Salad at Mi Cocina is a winner because it has the best marinated fajita strips and their spicy blue cheese dressing is the best!
– Angie A.

Tangy Spicy Beef from Mr. Wok.
– Richard W.

Fettuccine Alfredo from Joe’s Pizza and Pasta on Spring Creek.
– Gay M.

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  1. says: Jan

    The Quattro Formaggi Pizza with add on of arugula and prosciutto di Parma. YUM! The breaded weiner schnitzel with the Caramelized Onion Crème sauce at Jorge’s Viennese. The jalapeno soup at Rockfish. The brunch Huevos con Chorizo at Salsa Tex Mex.

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