Plano PD cracks down on prostitution in massage parlors

Tennyson Wellness Center, located at 6541 Preston Rd STE 200, has been the subject of several prostitution arrests this year. Photo provided by Google Maps.
The city of Plano filed a pre-suit discovery petition on Tennyson Wellness Center, aiming to eliminate prostitution.

The city of Plano filed a pre-suit discovery petition on Tennyson Wellness Center today as part of a Plano PD crackdown on massage establishments that are believed to be fronts for prostitution. 

Online reviewers of the business have noted their experiences on Yelp and other platforms.

“This place seems to be in a good health care center. However, the moment you walk in, you see that it is anything but,” Yelp reviewer Chris G. said in a review of Tennyson Wellness Center in 2019. “Upon walking in, I was greeted by an older Asian woman wearing a short dress and asking in broken English, “you want massaagee?” When I got the point, I said I would come later, and then she asked, “we have three more girls, you want to see more girls?” This place is sketchy period.”

The pre-suit discovery would allow the city of Plano and Plano PD to identify potential respondents, find potential evidence and testimony, identify consumers of illegal activities and determine what remedies are appropriate, according to the petition. Through investigations of respondents, owners of the business(s), property owners, landlords, managers, operators, employees, contractors, predecessors, transferees, customers, clients, co-conspirators, accomplices, promoters, invitees, guests and other applicable parties, the city aims to take depositions orally and by written questions, request subpoenas of the business’ records and authorize an attorney to seek penalties.

On two different dates this year, Plano PD arrested employees of Tennyson Wellness Center for sexual crimes, including prostitution and indecent assault. 

On Feb. 23, Plano police arrested Qiaoyu Zhang at the business for prostitution. On Sept. 7, Plano police arrested Tiffany Song for indecent assault. Diana Zhang was named as owner and director of the establishment during both arrests. Hong Zhang was identified by a customer as offering a sex act for payment on money on the same date as the second arrest. 

Plano Police later determined that the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) had received a complaint from a citizen who said he was charged for sexual acts that he did not request and that the Tennyson Wellness Center employee refused to refund the money for the acts. TDLR inspectors also observed finger condoms on the premises and issued the business a warning, according to the petition. 

Plano PD also found online reviews of the establishment on several websites that detailed the sexual acts that were solicited and performed while at Tennyson Wellness Center, citing the reviews as “containing demeaning evaluations of [the employees’] bodies.”

“Appearing on the outside to blend in with legitimate health care providers, Tennyson Wellness Center is little more than a front for criminal activity, in close proximity to lawful medical providers frequented by the unsuspecting public, including children,” the petition states. “Respondents have knowingly failed to take steps to prevent further sex crimes at the business and continued to hide behind the facade of a legitimate health care provider.”

In 2023, arrests for prostitution have also been made at Dee Thai Feet, Max Relax Spa, Golden Foot Spa, Dee Thai Feet 2, Red Rose Spa, Rose Foot Spa and Relax Spa.

“While this may be the first instance where a civil action has been filed, the city will not hesitate to take similar action against other establishments and individuals engaging in illicit activities,” Plano PD said in a news release.

CORRECTION: A correction has been made from the original version which listed two massage parlors under their current name, rather than the business’ former owners who were part of the arrests. An updated press release indicates that the arrests at Exceptional Thai Massage and Thai Master Massage occurred under the prior owner doing business as Dee Thai Feet and Dee Thai Feet 2.

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