Plano Super Bowl’s New Scratch Drafthouse Opens

A white construction truck and a few workers sporting hard hats gather near the entrance of Plano Super Bowl. This, coupled with the halfway-empty parking lot and scattered construction equipment, makes it obvious the building is undergoing renovations.

But as the glass doors to Plano Super Bowl slide open, newcomers are welcomed with upbeat music, colorful lights and the general hum of conversation. A pitcher or a few glasses of beer sit on most tables, courtesy of the new Scratch Drafthouse located inside the more than 30-year-old bowling alley. A mixed drink or two can be spotted on a few surfaces.

Scratch Drafthouse’s new 104-inch projector screen // photos by Erica Weiting

Renovations on the venue started in April, according to general manager Scott Craddock, who has held his position at the company two different times for more than 15 years total. Spot renovations have been done in the past on things like bathrooms, bowling lanes and counters, but this is the first time Plano Super Bowl has undergone a complete overhaul.

“We’re catching the times up to be current,” Scott said. “We’re hoping it’ll change some and that it’ll bring some people in…We’ve had a lot of positive feedback from our current customer base.”


Plano Super Bowl was established by an investment group in 1985. The current owner, Jamie Brooks, took over in February 2006.

The new bar was one of the first things to be completed. Among other things already revamped are the carpet and the bathrooms. Scott believes Plano Super Bowl should be entirely renovated by late August or early September of this year.

Scratch Drafthouse inside Plano Super Bowl is separated into two parts: One side is a restaurant-type setting, while the other side resides adjacent to the bowling lanes

The Scratch Drafthouse bar, shaped like a square, is cut in half by a wall with beer taps on one side and cash registers on the other. A restaurant-like area on the side of the bar opposite the bowling alley is complete with tables and comfortable chairs, allowing customers to relax with their food and drinks. There have also been 12 TV screens and a 104-inch projector screen installed, which will mostly feature sports.

Some of the ales being poured are also new to Scratch Drafthouse (Plano Super Bowl previously had a bar, but it was outdated and not-so-inviting). There are twice as many options as there used to be — the bar now offers 24 beers on tap — and even some of the original 12 beers have changed.

Bartender Christy Sprowl hands a beer to a customer

Revolver’s Blood & Honey is quickly becoming an obvious favorite. A metal margarita machine below the counter constantly churns the bar’s signature Deadwood Margarita (“deadwood” is a bowling term used to describe when a pin gets stuck in the gutter). The margarita has Epsilon Blanco Tequila and Bols Triple Sec, is infused with grenadine and is garnished with clove.

“Our goal is to not just be a destination for people to come bowling, but to be a destination for people to be able to come down, have a couple of drinks, have some conversation,” Scott said.

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