This summer will be sweeter than ever with Legacy West’s new sugar stop: Sprinkles. The cupcake bakery opened May 31 and is the fourth location in Texas, following only the three major cities Dallas, Houston and Austin.


Sprinkles’ Plano location at Legacy West // photos Jennifer Shertzer

Sprinkles founder Candace Nelson grew up overseas, craving chocolate chip cookies and Rice Krispie treats. “In Asia, if I wanted those, I had to make them myself!” she says, ultimately taking action and baking daily with her mother. Candace didn’t consider a career in baking until after the dot com bust. “I saw this as a point in my life to really pursue my passion,” Candace says, and she enrolled in Tante Marie’s Pastry Program in San Francisco. After graduating, she started a custom cake business out of her house, only to realize that special occasion cakes were just that – reserved for special occasions.

Candace dreamed of becoming like the iconic Mrs. Fields one day, and she did – dreaming up Sprinkles. Sprinkles was somewhere dessert could become a daily indulgence and sweeten any day of the week.

During the first year in 2005, Candace and her husband spent 18-hour days at the bakery, scrambling to do everything themselves. “Some nights, we even slept on the bakery floor because there was no time to go home. In hindsight, I probably should have hired a strong team earlier,” she says, looking back.

Sprinkles’ famous cupcake ATM is open 24 hours a day

At Sprinkles, decisions don’t come easily, but there’s no rush. The pink Cupcake ATM holds up to 540 cupcakes at a time and is open 24 hours a day. Customers can choose from cupcakes, ice cream, the Sprinkles sundae (that so perfectly unites the two), cookies and over 50 cupcake flavors that are as classic as red velvet or a little less common, like the lemon coconut. Candace’s favorite is the dark chocolate cupcake: “ultra rich, decadent and topped with real chocolate sprinkles that melt in your mouth,” she describes. Sprinkles doesn’t retire flavors, but has sent a few flavors on “cupcation” to make room for new flavors, according to Candace.

A junior baker is instructed on how to decorate his own Sprinkles cupcake

Conventional or not, Sprinkles is consistent in its ingredients and freshness – and that makes it the right place to take a chance and try one of their seasonal flavors, like the lemon blueberry cupcake available only in July. The grand opening weekend of Sprinkles also offered a special Legacy West cupcake made of bittersweet chocolate cake with buttery caramel frosting and a custom sugar decoration.


The new Sprinkles location at Legacy West

It’s a sweet start to summer – see for yourself at Sprinkles.

Sprinkles Cupcakes >

Additional photos of Sprinkles’ Plano location:

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