Tech Tips for Working from Home

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Are you missing Bob from IT right about now? As many of us adjust to working and schooling from home, you may be scrambling to figure out how to set up your technology to accommodate. Will Lambert, CEO and founder of Plano-based Integrity T3chnology, shared a few basic tips to keep in mind that may help alleviate any additional stresses due to technology.

Protect your investments

We have seen an increase in hardware and device damage incidents over the past few weeks, so we urge you to please keep in mind the following when sanitizing your technology devices.

  • DO use a 70 percent isopropyl alcohol wipe or Clorox Disinfecting Wipe to gently wipe hard, nonporous surfaces if your tech devices, including your display, keyboard or other exterior surfaces.
  • DO avoid getting moisture inside any openings.
  • DO NOT use aerosol sprays, bleach or abrasives.
  • DO NOT spray cleaners directly on items. Spray onto a cloth first.
  • DO NOT submerge your products in any cleaning agents.

Be WiFi smart

If you’re using WiFi at home, make sure you are working in a location with a strong signal, or you are reasonably close to your network router. If you are working in an area of your home that has poor signal strength consider investing in a mesh WiFi system like the Nest WiFi system from Google.

You may experience issues with online meetings or video meetings due to bandwidth strains for internet service providers. To alleviate potential issues ,make sure you are connected to the internet. Then try restarting the program you are using for the meeting and reconnect to the meeting.

Sign up for cloud based telephone or meeting service providers. Many are offering free access for a limited time to select industries, such as educators, healthcare providers and nonprofits. RingCentral offers cloud based phone, team messaging, online meetings and online fax services.

Beware of suspicious emails or websites

With the increase in telecommuting and online education instruction, we are already beginning to see an increase in phishing and account hacking emails. Be mindful of opening links in emails regarding locked accounts or information verification requests. Opening these emails or clicking on these links can unfortunately unleash malware onto your computers and servers resulting in electronic theft of sensitive data. If you need to check an account, exit your email and go directly through the account in question as you normally would to change passwords and verify information.

Communicate effectively

Make sure that you understand or clearly communicate your companies’ work from home plans and policies, including approved use of company devices. During these rapidly evolving times, communication is key to the successful integration of new working environments.

For small business owners

Ensure that you are using secure methods for accessing company data or information systems such as a virtual private network (VPN) or cloud-based storage systems such as OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.

If employees are accessing company data via a VPN, make sure that you have enough internet bandwidth to handle the additional traffic.

If you’re working in an industry that requires compliance with information protection policies such as HIPAA or PCI, ensure that your remote access systems are properly secured.

Please feel free to contact Integrity T3chnology with your technology questions or concerns as we all adjust to these rapidly evolving and ever-changing work environments.

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