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You can’t throw a cronut in Dallas proper without hitting a blogger. Everyone’s got an iPhone and an Instagram account and suddenly they’re all “influencers.” Rare is the woman who carefully considers her content, who actually maintains a full-fledged website with original stories and images. The following ladies are making a name for themselves by sharing their lives outside (and yes, sometimes inside) the Big D. So drop everything, grab a laptop and start following these 10 local bloggers.

A Pleasant Little Kitchen

After recovering from brain surgery, Rebecca White starting searching for activities that would help speed up her healing process. Once she discovered the power of cooking, she began creating her own recipes and writing her food-inspired blog, A Pleasant Little Kitchen. Rebecca says she enjoys “finding the beauty and finding the power in food” by working with real ingredients and sprinkling love into every dish. When she isn’t preparing dinner for her family, Rebecca, her husband Randy and her two children love eating at local restaurants like SMOKE and Kenny’s Wood Fired Grill.

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Dining with Delia Jo

After spending some time in the television news industry, Delia Jo Ramsey decided she wanted to focus more on topics that brought her joy.  So she took her love for writing and her passion of food and created Dining with Delia Jo. The Alabama-native and restaurant enthusiast started out as the pickiest eater growing up and would rely on a diet of pepperoni and cheese, but now Delia Jo loves branching out and eating at new local places. When visiting her site, rest assured that nothing negative appears on her blog. Delia Jo only focuses on positive experiences, so readers will learn about something simply delicious while following along.

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Esther Huynh: Journal

Before blogging blew up, Esther Huynh used Xanga to share her photo shoots with friends and family. So it made sense that this drive to share her experiences eventually turned into a blog, Journal. Esther enjoys spending quality time on every portion of her blog whether she is selecting images or writing content. This has given her lots of great opportunities like shooting and sharing one of her closest friends’ engagement photos with followers. When she is not editing, she loves reading other local bloggers who are making a difference in the space by making bold statements.

Esther Huynh: Journal Blog > Esther Huynh Photo Instagram >

Hurd and Honey

The husband and wife design team behind Hurd and Honey have started their own blog to share everything from personal experiences running a small business to lifestyle topics. The blog’s creative mind, Kristin Hurd, knew she wanted to start blogging after she decided to take on hobbies that brought her a sense of happiness. Kristin said she feels the blog is “a personal way to connect with our customers and show them who we are.” Once followers find the free-spirited couple, it’s hard not to want to redecorate the home place with their rustic chic pieces or run to the store and try one of their delicious recipes.

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In_DFW Family

Roselle Pliego started her blog, In_DFW Family, three years ago to show other local moms a world of adventures out there the whole family can experience. So whether visiting downtown Dallas or walking around a local park, Roselle wants to ensure her kids feel like full community members and can enjoy the opportunities around them. Check out her blog to read itineraries that will provide guidance for a great family-friendly day in the area.

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Little Boys and Lattes

After growing up in the area and attending Allen High School, Leslie Weesner met her husband Landon while working at the nearby Market Street. Leslie later believed she had a unique local story to share. With two children, one of whom is on the autism spectrum, she wanted to share her experiences with other young moms to show they were not alone. So, Little Boys and Lattes was born. When she is not posting to her blog, running her local bloggers group, Girl Bosses, or reaching out to her local Autism Moms Support Group, she is spending quality time with her boys or binge watching “Gilmore Girls” with Landon.

Little Boys and Lattes Blog >   Little Boys and Lattes Instagram >

Love You More Too

After seeing fitness bloggers – like Tone It Up Girls – pop up in other areas of the country, Jessica Bradshaw decided she wanted to bring a fitness and lifestyle blog to the area. She took the plunge and created Love You More Too. Her posts are great for nutrition-minded people who want to learn how to live healthy lifestyles. When she is not blogging or working out at The Barre Code Plano, you can find her at one of her favorite local restaurants like Mexican Sugar or Urban Crust.

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The Beauty of Our Imperfection

Previous New York Fox News anchor Hannah Choi encourages her followers to embrace the beauty that comes with real life. Hannah uses The Beauty of our Imperfection to let followers know it’s all right to not have everything figured out. By sharing personal stories about a weight loss journey and finding faith, Hannah proves there is a pure beauty that comes from embracing everyday struggles.

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The Iman Project

Bree Iman Clarke got a creative start by decorating tables for her mom’s events and parties while growing up. Since then, she has moved from designing tablescapes to rooms to eventually homes and parties. “I put a lot of my soul into my design,” Bree said. Her love of style and interior design led Bree to found and act as the creative director for both The Iman Project and Lavender & Mint Designs. She hopes to show readers how to take unique pieces and make a home personal.

The Iman Project Blog >   The Iman Project Instagram >

Outside Suburbia

To take a quick trip around the world without leaving the couch, check out Priya Vin’s blog, Outside Suburbia. After traveling with family and getting asked about her trips’ details, she started the blog to share experiences. Since then, she has picked up global followers. The Plano mom shares authentic pictures so would-be travelers can visualize what they would come across on such vacations. She hopes to show others that they can still travel even while raising a family.

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