Toyota Reveals Plans for West Plano Headquarters

This morning, Toyota North America unveiled for the media a ginormous rendering of its new corporate headquarters in west Plano. The HQ itself will be ginormous as well. The campus will be around 2 million square feet and include seven buildings situated around a central plaza, with an uber-modern look (meaning lots of glass, solar panels and shiny things). Toyota North America’s CEO Jim Lentz says the headquarters will strive for LEED Platinum certification (meaning it will be the greenest of all the green buildings). Plans include a fitness center, credit union, health care, pharmacy, convenience store, cafe and dining options. There was no mention of a Starbucks, but with an office that big, we’re guessing there’ll be eight or nine of them to keep the productivity going.

Artist renderings provided by Toyota


After showing off Toyota’s new digs, a convoy of Toyota vehicles kicked off a 110-day driving journey dubbed the Ever-Better Expedition. The Ever-Better Expedition is the North American leg of Toyota’s Five Continents Driving Project. This journey allows Toyota team members to experience their vehicles in real world terrain and get feedback from Toyota customers along the way.


Toyota also took the opportunity to show off their futuristic electric trike called the i-Road. I think I really need one of these. Man, the future is going to be awesome.


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