Tre Wilcox Cooking Concepts

Plano-based chef Tre Wilcox, well-known from his appearances on tv shows Top Chef and Iron Chef, as well as several Dallas-area restaurants, will open a business in Plano next Monday that he’s dreamed of for the past few years, but it is not a restaurant.

Tre Wilcox Cooking Concepts is a unique space Tre developed with his fellow restaurant biz buddy, Kenny Wynn, that will offer cooking classes, chef demos and event hosting/catering. Want to pretend you’re the host of your own cooking show? You can. Want to face off against other teams in a Top Chef-style cooking contest? You can. Want to take a hands-on cooking class alongside your better half? You can do that too.

Tre Wilcox and Kenny Wynn of Tre Wilcox Cooking Concepts

As Tre explained to a small crowd of media professionals on Wednesday night, the idea for Tre Wilcox Cooking Concepts began with a desire to use his talents as a chef closer to home (Tre now resides full time in Plano) in a way that better fit his lifestyle as the single father of a teenage daughter. Tre also conveyed his desire to move from the back of the kitchen out in front of an audience: “The best chefs always stay good cooks. I’ll always be that. But I want to be an entertainer. I want to be able to teach; I want to be able to deliver an experience to you all.” It was clear to everyone present that this business is Tre’s labor of love.

Crab-stuffed scallop with arugula salad
Seared beef and shrimp with English pea risotto, veggies and balsamic sauce
Chocolate chile panna cotta with almonds, golden raisins and berries

Should you choose to attend one of the Monday night demos, Tre or another chef of his choosing will talk the audience through the preparation of several courses at a small cooking station, while three televisions overhead ensure that the entire crowd can see what’s going on. Four Samsung commercial ranges and workspaces line another wall for the hands-on cooking classes later in the week. The 3,200 square feet modern and minimally-designed space is also available to rent for private parties or corporate events, with a large commercial kitchen outfitted to take care of your event’s catering needs.


The menu that Tre and his team served on Wednesday night was chosen to be representative of Tre’s personal French-inspired Southern style of cooking, explained Kenny. Starting the night off was a crab-stuffed scallop with arugula salad. Then Tre gave us a taste of what a cooking class with him might be like as he prepared the main course: seared beef and shrimp with English pea risotto, veggies and balsamic sauce. His explanations were easy to understand and frequently punctuated by his surprisingly-loud laughs. Finishing up the meal was a chocolate chile panna cotta with almonds, golden raisins and berries.


Demo classes and hands-on classes beginning March 14th have already been announced. Participants may bring their own beer or wine to enjoy along with their meal at the conclusion of class.

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