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Growing up, brothers Oscar, Aaron and Jeremiah Miranda never imagined that life would take them, each by a different route, to the same destination. Together, they’ve created a united front against the high calorie, saturated fat, carb laden, processed enemy on every street corner, starting with Plano’s Wholesome Grub.

Through their service in the Army, Oscar and Aaron Miranda learned the skills and planning involved with feeding the Airborne Infantry and Special Ops divisions. They saw that the right foods can create a lean, mean, fighting machine. Their brother Jeremiah’s background is in the actual financing and construction of their businesses.

Aaron (left) and Oscar Miranda, two of the brothers who started Wholesome Grub // photos by Jennifer Shertzer

The brothers, along with childhood friend Mark Miles, own a number of bars in Texas and will soon expand their Plano restaurant, Wholesome Grub, into a chain. They opened their first bar, Trophy Bar, on Austin’s famous 6th Street in 2010. One bar led to several more and before they knew it, the Mirandas found themselves poised to finally open a restaurant showcasing what they already knew: healthy food makes healthy people. They decided to start the revolution here in Plano, in their own backyard.

Salmon Fillet with cabbage salad and sweet potato glass noodles

Ok, so what can you get to eat? Wholesome Grub’s menu is paleo, vegan and vegetarian based. You’ll find only the freshest food; everything in the restaurant has a 48-hour lifetime. From the time it’s delivered to the restaurant to the time it’s served to the customer is no more than two days. Acclaimed Chef Norman Grimm, a Michelin-rated chef and graduate of Le Cordon Bleu, helps create chef’s specials that are pilot dishes the customers test before being added to the menu.


Wholesome Grub features a juice bar with fan favorites such as the “Hulk’s Smash” and “Thor’s Hammer.” It offers an assortment of gluten free dining options and will soon have paleo and vegan pastries.

There is nothing processed at Wholesome Grub. It serves as much local produce as possible and meats are organic. The Atlantic cod and Alaskan salmon are caught in the wild, not farmed. Something else you won’t find is a lot of carbs or cheese. Multigrain is used for the few carbs offered; you’ll only find two types of cheese on the menu because both contain the lowest calories and saturated fat: mozzarella and feta.

Wholesome Grub’s Fish Tacos with avocado tzatziki sauce and sweet potato fries

Wholesome Grub also wants to educate diners on how to eat better. Anyone can call or come in and talk to them about a nutrition program. Whether you are a top bodybuilder or your yoga pants are simply a fashion statement, Oscar can help you create a meal plan and prep foods to make life easier. He says it’s cheaper than you think to be healthy. Oscar has also taken his education platform on the road, speaking to businesses about the importance of offering their employees healthy meals.

The Terminator Burger with mozzarella-stuffed bison, an organic over-easy egg, bacon and piles of veggies (who says eating healthy means leaving hungry?)

Each employee at Wholesome Grub is attired in a chef’s uniform. The Miranda brothers feel that a chef upholds a standard to serve nothing but the best and that is the philosophy at Wholesome Grub. Oscar trains, educates and works with his employees. They don’t just work for him. He believes that he “cannot grow companies without growing people.”

Wholesome Grub is one of only 27 businesses in Plano that is “Green Certified” by the city. There is a laundry list of requirements such as recycling, sustainability, repurposing and green business practices. The brothers would like to incorporate a zero emissions building into their business future.

Wholesome Grub even has a drive-through window for patrons in a hurry

Besides being wholesome and almost all organic, the food at Wholesome Grub is flat out delicious. It’s so easy to be healthy and it tastes so good that you’ll be hollerin’ “HOOAH!!” on your way out the door.

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