Deerfield Christmas Lights 2016


Every December, our family loads into the car with cheesy Christmas music blaring and hot chocolate in travel mugs for our yearly drive through the Deerfield neighborhood’s Christmas lights display. It doesn’t matter how many illuminated Christmas trees, menorahs, snowmen and Santas you’ve seen in your life, the spectacular scenes in this north Plano neighborhood never fail to impress even the scroogiest of Ebenezers.

On the Deerfield neighborhood website (linked below) there are recommended traffic routes to prevent congestion. And if you choose to visit on Christmas Eve, expect cars to move at a snail’s pace. But it’s all good — the virtual stand-still on the best streets gives you more time for ogling the lights, and perhaps dashing out of the car to take a selfie with a dancing Santa.


To avoid traffic, reserve a ride in a horse-drawn carriage or on a Segway. But reserve soon–they fill up quickly! Vote for your favorite decorations this year by text message. Watch for yard signs throughout the neighborhood with instructions.

The Deerfield lights are on December 1-30 from 7-11pm, except in inclement weather. We highly recommend you visit the website below for full details. Merry Christmas!

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