How Would You Improve Plano?

This past November, we asked our Facebook fans to name one way they’d improve our great city. The most common suggestions were to fix the traffic and road construction. Many people also mentioned a desire to see outdated strip malls and vacant business areas revitalized. And Plano people made it clear: they want more festivals and restaurants! Here is just a sampling of the answers we received:

Revitalize Collin Creek Mall into something truly unique and wonderful! – Regina R.

More bbq restaurants. – David G. 

Expand the DART parking on Parker Road to be multi level. – Karen O.

I’d bring a farmers market back to the city! I think the Collin County Farmers Market is doing a good job, but a market in central/west Plano would be fantastic. The Coppell Farmer’s Market, with a park and restaurants close by, is a great example of what we could have here. – Laura T.

Open some upscale restaurants on the East Side – Iva C.

Get more neighborhoods together, whether it’s an annual picnic or street close-off. That’s how you meet people! – Bernadette T.

Get better bagels. – Samantha Z.

Have more Asian festivals. – Chee N.

Plano doesn’t have anything that is a big draw, like Nebraska Furniture Mart, Allen Even Center, IKEA, Mesquite Rodeo. What we desperately need north of Dallas is an indoor big concert venue. Outdoor concerts are too dang hot in TX. – Laura G.

I would love to see Plano continue to enhance the greenbelt that runs along Preston/Hedgecoxe down to the lake near Preston/Tennyson. Add restaurants or small outdoor food venues, cultural venues, etc. – Yuki O.

Redevelop the Collin Creek Mall area into a green space for shopping, dinning and recreation; create a green walkway across Central to downtown Plano. – Larry D.

Build more restaurants with outdoor dining! We don’t have enough of them. We love to eat outside on a nice evening! – Susie H.

Can one improve on perfection? – James W.

Fix traffic flow. Too many lights and it takes forever to get from one end of Plano to the other. – Heather W.

More interaction with neighbors. Alleys take the neighborhood feel away as nobody is ever in the front yard. – Dawna H.

Have more family friendly festivals throughout the year. – Morgan D.

Revitalize the older and partially vacant shopping strips. – Julie H.

I’m thinking a major improvement would be faster completion of road construction! The DNT Plano Parkway and Park exits have been a mess for awhile. – Betsy R.

Add more walkable shops and restaurants. – Lauren G.

Stop taking away our park land, we can never get it back.  There were more people enjoying the park than what is now build on the park’s land. – Jerry C.

Increase funding of the arts in PISD. – Karen V.

Add more public transportation. – Lynn E.

Make it more walkable by foot. – Natalie L.

What do you think? Do you agree? Do you have something to add to the list?

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