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What do swimsuits, sunscreen and a personalized tiny home have in common? They are all things that should go on your next summer vacation. According to longtime Plano resident and founder of 717 Lifestyle on Wheels, Sheryl Duncan, her tiny homes are designed to reflect one’s personality and move wherever you go. Turn a girls’ weekend into the ultimate “glamping” getaway, or fuel a bohemian lifestyle with this luxurious home away from home.

The company was built using the combined talents of a home builder, metal fabricator and a creative designer. The aerodynamic design keeps the homes light, which affords maximum gas mileage and makes it easier for a vehicle to pull.

Sheryl Duncan, founder of 717 Lifestyle on Wheels // photos Jennifer Shertzer

The portable home concept came from Sheryl Duncan’s twin Plano West Senior High graduates, one of whom will be attending college in Colorado and the other in Tennessee. “This would be a complete lifestyle change for all of us,” explained Sheryl. “I needed a traveling office to work out of and live in temporarily while I crossed the country to visit them. The only way to fill this new lifestyle need was to design and build it myself.”

Audrey Faye’s exterior

The first tiny home that she made is the same prototype that she currently uses for travel. The home is named Audrey Faye after Sheryl’s grandmother who loved mid-century modern design. It has a beautiful front porch and large double doors on the outside. Stepping in, it is a pleasant surprise how open the room feels due to strategic placement of windows and mirrors. White walls and cabinets make colorful decorations pop and stainless steel appliances give a contemporary feel.

The interior boasts lots of windows and natural light

Other notable features of Audrey Faye include its large farmhouse sink and many furniture options that have double or triple functions. For example, the microwave doubles as an oven, the washer is also a dryer, and the couch turns into a full bed, making efficient use of the small space. Instead of hanging up wall décor, Sheryl loves parking the home in wooded areas or overlooking the water, so the outside world becomes art.

“Many things are special about Audrey Faye, but her outdoor living roof area is the hit,” said Sheryl. “There is an artificial turf area for yoga, lounging or putting golf balls. There is a deck area for lunching or playing games at the table. My son is a musician, so we added wood decking and safety railing so this could become his outdoor stage.”

Audrey Faye’s roof deck can host impromptu parties or concerts

Audrey Faye can be rented for events or parties from Airbnb. Or, custom homes with individual preferences can be ordered starting at $75,000. “Industrial and farmhouse are interior trends that are hot right now,” Sheryl said. “Clean lines and modern or shabby chic are other interior design themes that can be created. Nature lovers will want more outdoor space, and the green-conscious may prefer solar lighting. The options are what makes the process so much fun and unique.”

Even though she loves traveling, Sheryl also enjoys spending time in Plano. After moving here in 1987 to work for Bloomingdale’s, she stayed in the fashion and design industry and reared her two sons here.

The sofa converts into a bed, and the bar top at left hides another sleeping space that folds out

“We are all about Plano and attend music festivals, art festivals, parades, ball games, the Downtown Plano wine walk, new restaurant openings and more,” she said. “I travel with my musician son as his “Momager,” and his twin, the film student, shoots his music videos. My sons love to stay in Audrey Faye, and we are in the process of designing an industrial version based on music and film.”

Sheryl’s favorite part of her job? The public’s initial response. “People cannot wipe the smiles off their faces when they see the tiny homes. We are very proud of what we have created.”

Most of the appliances in the kitchen pull double-duty

It’s true, tiny homes aren’t for everybody. However, for those looking to upgrade the next vacation, then a 717 Lifestyle on Wheels home could be the perfect oasis. Exploring new destinations is always a thrill, but this is an option to travel, relax and sleep in style wherever the road may lead.

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