Bibliobar Hopes to Open Independent Bookstore/Bar in Plano

Walking into a bookstore can be an exciting experience for any of us who love books. But there’s something quite special and unique about an independent bookstore with a selection that is thoughtfully curated and maintained with love by its owners. It can be a place for one to meet friends, to read and discuss and browse with fellow book lovers. An independent bookstore is more than a (big box) book retailer, it’s a part of the community.

Currently there are no independent bookstores in Plano, but three local bibliophiles would like to change that. Chelsea Green and her husband, Colin Green, have teamed up with Chelsea’s sister, Jessica Tresp, with hopes to open an independent bookstore with a twist – or a squeeze of lime, your choice.

The three have a plan and a vision called Bibliobar. It’s to be a unique retailer where one can go to purchase great books, attend cool events or gather for game nights or book clubs, while having a light bite, glass of wine, pint of local craft beer or mug of freshly brewed coffee.

Bibliobar owners (from L to R): Jessica Tresp, Chelsea Green, Colin Green // photos courtesy Bibliobar

Chelsea is a career bookseller who has a passion for all things bookish. After following her dream and working in New York City for HarperCollins Publishers, she missed her family in Texas. So she returned home with a desire to open her own indie bookstore.

Before New York, Chelsea worked as a bookseller for seven years, in both Garland and College Station, TX, where she met her husband Collin, a fellow bibliophile and now her business partner. Her sister Jessica, has been an event planner and bartender in the Dallas area since graduating from Texas A&M University. Together the three have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to make this dream a reality.

Bibliobar is hosting pop-ups around to DFW to sell books and raise funds

“We want Bibliobar to be a welcoming place for families in the community to refine or rediscover their love of reading. By hosting a crowdfunding campaign, we hope to give our future shoppers the chance to contribute to the store before we open and show their support and desire for an independent bookstore in Plano,” said Chelsea. The trio hopes to open the store in the spring of 2018, with a preference for the Downtown Plano Arts District as their ideal location.

Chelsea beams when she talks about her love of indie bookstores. “There’s something completely different about going into an indie bookstore where every book was carefully chosen by the owners – who LOVE books – and not some corporate marketing algorithm, an intimate place where you can spend an evening or afternoon enjoying a good book alone or with friends.”

Bibliobar will not be possible without support from the public. Bibliobar’s next pop-ups will be at:
CitylineDFW Merry Market on Dec. 9 from Noon-7pm
Intrinsic Brewery on Dec. 23 from 11am-11pm

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