Carlton Landing Takes Lakeside Living to the Next Level

Carlton Landing is a mere three hours north of Plano via U.S. Hwy 75. Located on the banks of picturesque Lake Eufaula, this resort-style walkable community offers a balanced lifestyle where people go to rest, spend time with family and reconnect with nature.

“We looked at this region of the United States and noticed that most people tended to go to the Gulf, the Rockies, or the East or West Coast for their vacations. This basically requires a five- to seven-day trip to justify the cost and inconvenience of travel,” Carlton Landing founder Grant Humphreys said. “We wanted to introduce a leisurely lifestyle that is similar to what you would find in New York, Seattle or San Francisco where people take a weekend or three-day weekend trip and go back to work feeling rested and recharged.”

More than 80 percent of Carlton Landing’s homeowners make the community their second home. Most don’t come for just a couple of weekends – many stay 30 or even 40 times a year. They enjoy the strong sense of community and appreciate a lifestyle where everything needed is within walking distance. Dining options, parks, community pools, hiking trails and a boat club with lake access are all easy to get to. World-class urban planners and architects designed the community. Amenities are comparable to ones found in a Rocky Mountain or Florida Panhandle resort.

photos courtesy of Carlton Landing
photos courtesy of Carlton Landing

Those looking to build their own home have access to a stable of great builders who will deliver a high quality home on schedule and on budget. People who prefer to leave the design up to the professionals can choose from a set of predesigned custom floor plans, or simply purchase one of the spec homes that are ready for move-in.

One of Carton Landing’s most impressive offerings is its Residence Club, which allows people to buy a fractional share of a condominium. Unlike a timeshare, this is an actual deeded interest that can be transferred to others or later willed to the kids. Residence Club members enjoy unlimited usage, subject to the club’s reservation policies.

“This is a unique product similar to an equity membership in a country club,” Humphreys said. “You are a member and you have all of the rights and access of being a member.”

Among those benefits include top-level membership in the Carlton Landing boat club with a guaranteed right to a boat every day of stay. The boat club has a fleet of well-maintained pontoon and ski boats. Members can hit the lake for up to four hours and then drop off the keys without the hassle of maneuvering a truck and trailer.

The Residence Club at Carlton Landing
The Residence Club at Carlton Landing

Earlier this year, crews began construction on a resort-style pool directly across from the Residence Club building. When completed this summer, members will have access to a private pool that will feature drink and towel service among other perks.

Each Residence Club unit comes fully furnished, and concierge service is available to assist with any number of tasks. Club members also have access to Elite Alliance, a network of luxury residences around the world. Most of these are five-star properties at posh resorts in places like Telluride, Napa or Oaxaca, where rates typically run from $1200 to $1900 per night. Residence Club members can stay in exchange for a stay at Carlton Landing.

“It’s a very valuable proposition for those who like to vacation in different places,” Humphreys said.

While Carlton Landing boasts many resort-like features, it remains a true community at heart. Those who visit come away impressed with the facilities, the scenery and the people who make it a special place, unlike anywhere else in the region.

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Carlton Landing
Lake Eufaula, Oklahoma 

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