#ChangeMakers in the Disabilities Community: Jeffrey Kribs

When Jeffrey Kribs’ son, Cason, started kindergarten at St. Timothy Christian Academy in Plano, he was diagnosed with sensory difficulties and ADHD. This private school, which was founded in 2006 by Dr. Paul Warren, specializes in teaching students with special needs. 

Jeff, whose son is now 16 years old, began planning for the next stage in his son’s life — where Cason will go after high school — in 2015. It was at a St. Timothy Christian School gala that Jeff met Ben Fischer.

Ben, an advocate for the non-profit organization My Possibilities (MP), asked Jeff if he had heard about the organization and invited him to the upcoming My Possibilities gala. After attending the gala in 2016, Jeff’s company Infinitude Creative Group (ICG) began helping MP with promotional work and other in-kind services.

Jeff Kribs assisting a HIPster at My Possibilities // photos by Kathy Tran
Jeff Kribs assisting a HIPster at My Possibilities // photos by Kathy Tran

“Infinitude has kind of adopted My Possibilities as our cause,” Jeff said. “I’m not the only one at our company who is affected by special needs, and our company does learning development and media production as our main lines of business, so it was a natural fit to share our talents with My Possibilities.” 

According to Jeff, Infinitude has produced the organization’s gala videos for the past two years, and has made the company’s studios and talents available when they can to help My Possibilities produce some of its own social media.

“ICG shoots, directs and produces our big videos, including our cover video on Facebook,” said Beth Palmer, the social media and public relations coordinator for My Possibilities. “They’ve contributed a great deal of in-kind work. It’s amazing, and the entire team has a heart for My Possibilities.”

In addition to working with MP through his company, Jeff joined the board of directors in the beginning of 2017. “I’ve never even thought of being on the board as ‘being involved,’ because it’s already so rewarding. Like every member on our board, being able to be a part of the brain trust that pushes the organization forward is exciting and challenging.

Jeff Kribs leading a workout class for the HIPsters
Jeff Kribs leading a workout class for the HIPsters

“I represent more than the board. I literally represent the special needs community, because I live it every day, and I feel called to evangelize that,” said Jeff.

According to Jeff, when MP merged with LaunchAbility earlier this year, the organizations were able to combine their resources to better serve the community of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. MP would continue its work to teach HIPsters life and occupational skills, and LaunchAbility would continue its mission of focusing on inclusive employment for all adults.

The job placement program looks for opportunities for people who want to contribute to society the best way they can. “My Possibilities is going to be a gateway into the understanding that these people, regardless of what their perceived incapacity is, want to contribute,” Jeff said.

When Jeff first visited My Possibilities, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing, he recalled. “I watched these HIPsters doing beautiful artwork and participating in job skills training. The community they had built there is one where everyone has an innate understanding of everybody else, and there is a tremendous respect among them for each other. They don’t see themselves as less, and we really shouldn’t either.”

Jeff, who refers to his 16-year-old son as a pre-HIPster or HIPster in training, was concerned with what would happen to Cason after graduation. “It gives me a great sense of relief to know that I’ll have a place for my son to continue the next phase of his life and flourish, and be a contributing member of society through My Possibilities.”

Promotional video for the grand opening of the new My Possibilities campus created by Jeff Kribs’ company, Infinitude Creative Group:

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