#ChangeMakers in the Disabilities Community: Jenny Rogers

Jenny Rogers // photos Kathy Tran

No stranger to struggles, Dallas native Jenny Rogers describes her childhood as “rough.” As a teen she crossed paths with hardships that for some might have been cause for giving up. But for other individuals, such as in Jenny’s case, the hardships presented an opportunity to strengthen her relationship with God.

“I went through a true fight for my life,” she attests, “and I give all the glory to God for saving me.”

Jenny, who grew up in the North Dallas area, comes by her faith honestly. When her father, John, started his own engineering manufacturing business in 1996, he had a vision for his Texas-based company, Performance Pulsation Control (PPC). He wanted his company to do more than just conduct business and serve customers.

“My father saw running a small business as an opportunity for ministry outreach,” Jenny said. “He felt the Lord lead him to use PPC to generously help our local community.”

Jenny Rogers working with the HIPsters at My Possibilities // photos Kathy Tran
Jenny Rogers working with the HIPsters at My Possibilities // photos Kathy Tran

After more than 20 years of using PPC to serve the needs of the Dallas and Plano community, Jenny and her father agreed the corporation could do more if its outreach program was registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

After forming PPC Cares Inc. in 2016, Jenny, who serves as the director and a team leader, said the non-profit immediately dove in full speed helping with a variety of organizations, such as bringing weekly home-cooked meals to City House and helping Agape Resource and Assistance Center purchase more homes for homeless women and children.

As time went on, Jenny and her father knew they could do even more good by taking a more specific approach.

“We found that we wanted more personal relationships with people we were partnering with, and this is when God brought My Possibilities along via Larry Solomon, a PPC consultant and the husband of My Possibilities founder Charmaine Solomon.”

As a non-profit organization dedicated to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, Plano-based My Possibilities gives their clients – known as Hugely Important People, or as they are affectionately called, HIPsters – an opportunity to build independence and vocational skills in a safe and nurturing environment.

“In fourth grade, I had the opportunity to shift my recess to play with young HIPsters, per se, who had Down syndrome,” Jenny said. “It literally was one of the best experiences in my childhood – I’ve always had a love for those individuals and the HIPsters. When the opportunity came along to work with My Possibilities, I immediately said ‘yes’!”

From participation in all major My Possibilities’ events to sponsoring My Possibilities financially, the team of PPC employees turned volunteers visit the organization’s Plano campus on a regular basis.

“The PPC team brings the party to the HIPsters, from bowling outings to pumpkin painting and gingerbread house building,” said My Possibilities’ Executive Director Michael Thomas. “We’re grateful to have partners like PPC.”

Michael recognizes the leadership role Jenny has taken in this partnership. “Over the last several years, Jenny has spent time creating bonds and building relationships with the HIPsters. She takes the time to get to know them and their interests.”

Jenny understands that at its core, the time volunteers spend with the HIPsters is what matters most, not necessarily the activity. “I had a rough background and upbringing, so I’ve always had a deep understanding for other people, especially the underdogs,” Jenny said. She believes that all of those hardships created in her a depth of compassion for others who may be struggling.

“We should never turn our backs on those we perceive as different or who at first glance make us uncomfortable,” Jenny said. “Everyone deserves to share successes, joys and celebrations in life, and My Possibilities gives HIPsters an opportunity to do this.”

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The above content is sponsored. We have partnered with My Possibilities to spotlight #ChangeMakers in the disabilities community.

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