Daq’s Luxury Daiquiri Lounge

Dominique and Cory Jones, owners of Daq's Luxury Daiquiri Lounge // photos Kathy Tran
Dominique and Cory Jones, owners of Daq's Luxury Daiquiri Lounge // photos Kathy Tran

Libations have been social lubricants for centuries. But with COVID-19 keeping people more aware of social distance than ever, bars have garnered a reputation for being virus breeding grounds. While almost every business now struggles with getting people through the doors while maintaining a safe atmosphere, the owners of Daq’s Luxury Daiquiri Lounge, soon to open here, have a simple solution: to focus not only on drinks, but the people who drink them.

Frozen daiquiri spots have flourished, with sweet flavors and clever drink names playing a large role in their favor. They’ve even earned a touch of notoriety with wildly popular drive-through windows. One silver lining to last year was the allowance of premixed to-go cocktails here in Texas. Now drive-through and delivery alcohol have left the realm of taboo, and have been completely embraced by the over-21 population.

“The pandemic has made everyone kind of germaphobic, so I think this is the best way to do it,” said Cory Jones, co-owner and operator of Daq’s Luxury Daiquiri Lounge, set to open Jan. 15 at the southeast corner of Preston Road and Texas State Highway 121. The new business will offer frozen drinks as well as flatbreads and street tacos, all served in-house or to take home.

Frozen daiquiri // courtesy Daq's
Frozen daiquiri // courtesy Daq’s

Alongside his wife and business partner, Dominique, Cory was surprised by the ease in getting their daiquiri shop through the usual bureaucratic hoops. “We have owned businesses our whole lives. We love it.”

Dominique laughed as she knocked on a wooden tabletop. “I would probably say so far that this has been one of the easiest ones to jumpstart.”

The couple has plenty of experience in the business world, which certainly gives them the advantage. With that experience, they have focused on making something unique to the neighborhood. “We are trying to create a place we want to go to,” Dominique said. “We are putting a lot of things in place to create that family-and-friends atmosphere.”

photo Kathy Tran
photo Kathy Tran

Daq’s has a luxurious but not stuffy interior, with elegant blue walls accented by pops of brass and warm wood. It is a comfortable space, one that doesn’t initially scream, “cocktail lounge.”

While customers can get orders to go, through the drive-through or via food delivery apps such as Uber Eats, the dine-in experience is the focal point of Daq’s. With touchscreen ordering, counter pickup and a system that can remember one’s past orders and nicknames, both Dominique and Cory want to make the experience a friendly and unforgettable one.

Cory and Dominique Jones // photo Kathy Tran
Cory and Dominique Jones // photo Kathy Tran

Daq’s of course serves classic daiquiri flavors such as piña colada and strawberry, but with five machines churning out 10 different variations, they can afford to get creative. “We love to travel, so all of our drinks are named after places we loved,” Dominique said. With flavors including Bora Bora, Abu Dhabi and Georgia Peach, customers can also “twist” a daiquiri by mixing two flavors.

“The daiquiris are what brings everyone together, but the rest is backdrop. It’s about having somewhere to go where you feel safe,” said Dominique. “It’s about the community for us, it’s about bringing people together, no matter where they come from.”

Daq’s is currently hiring. Information can be found here.

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