Downtown Plano Arts District: From Rural to Mural

The Downtown Plano Arts District will soon get its first large-scale painted mural. Since the January 10 announcement of the Downtown Plano Mural Project, Plano residents have eagerly awaited the reveal of the first design. This week, North Texas artist Will Heron will begin work on the first of the three murals. The artwork will be located on the west-facing wall of Georgia’s Farmers’ Market at 916 E 15th Street.

The Downtown Plano Mural Project team, consisting of representatives from the Historic Downtown Plano Association, Plano Art Association, City of Plano Heritage Commission and other local arts and history organizations, chose the artists and reviewed the proposed mural artwork over the past few months.

The Mural Project required that the mural designs incorporate elements of historical Plano. Residents even submitted their own photos to be considered for incorporation into the design. This first mural by Will Heron includes five themes from submitted photos: a cactus, a windmill, cotton, a water tower and a train.

Will Heron’s design for the mural incorporates elements of historic Plano // artwork courtesy of Downtown Plano Mural Project

“When we saw this mural design, we knew it was a great fit for this project,” said Gene Dillard, President of the Plano Art Association. “It’s bright, colorful and unique – all while pulling in key pieces of Plano’s history. I am looking forward to seeing how it adds even more character to the arts district.”

Will Heron, the artist, has designed and worked on several other murals in the DFW area since founding the art collective WHERON. Designs are still under review for the other two Downtown Plano murals, and are planedn to be approved and installed in the coming months.

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