Explore Plano 2017 Featured Challenge: Plano Fire-Rescue

What is Explore Plano?

Explore Plano is the City of Plano’s exclusive checklist of the coolest things going on across Plano during Summer ‘17. At each stop, there will be a photo challenge that leads to the opportunity to win prizes. Explore Plano runs June 1-August 31. At the Explore Plano website, all of the challenges are listed out by month, and most of the challenges are completely free!

This Week’s Featured #ExplorePlano Challenge:

Savings lives is a pretty awesome thing. Isn’t that one of the reasons we all rush out to watch Wonder Woman and those rambunctious Guardians of the Galaxy? We’re super lucky that in Plano, we have our own superheroes. And we can help them out! This week’s challenge is to play sidekick to the 382 Plano FD firefighters by taking a free “hands-only” CPR class.

Two Plano residents taking a hands-only CPR class at Plano Fire-Rescue // photos courtesy City of Plano

Thanks to the number of people here in Plano that learn how to do CPR, the Plano Fire-Rescue has one of the best survival rates for people who experience an out-of-hospital heart attack. In the last several years, Plano has averaged between 53-67% compared to the national average of 25%.

If you’d like to learn CPR, and you’re at least 12 years old, come by the Fire Administration Building (Fire Station #1) in east Plano anytime Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. and the team there will teach you how to see if someone needs CPR and how to do very easy chest compressions. It only takes five minutes to learn a skill that may one day save a life.

An added bonus is that you might run into one of our local heroes and perhaps buy them a cold soda to ward off the summer heat and show your appreciation.

How To Win Cool Stuff:

  • Take a photo during your CPR lesson and post to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter
  • Be sure to use the hashtag #ExplorePlano
  • The City of Plano will draw a winner (almost) every week, based on who uses the hashtag
  • Winners will receive a mystery prize pack (which may include any of the following: theatre tickets, pool passes, recreation center passes, gift cards and more!)

Did You Know?

  • Plano has 13 fire stations. You can find the locations at this link.
  • Plano has 382 firefighters (377 men and 5 women).
  • Stations 2 and 6 were recently renovated and look brand new. Stop by and take a peek!

Clown Around with the Plano Fire Department:

Snozzle D. Clown and pAtChEs are part of Plano’s LAFS (Life and Fire Safety) Clown and Character program. This wacky duo has spent nearly 23 years teaching fire safety to Plano adults and students. The pair visit most PISD elementary schools during October, which is Fire Prevention Month. pAtChEs’ favorite saying is: “Some say ‘live and learn.’ I say ‘Learn and live!’”

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