Genesis Children’s Theatre Presents Elf Jr. The Musical

Son of a Nutcracker!

Everyone has seen the popular film and knows the story of Buddy the elf and his journey to find the place where he belongs, his home. This holiday season, a new twist on the comedic tale is brought to you by Genesis Children’s Theatre. Genesis founders Neicole Woodall and Megan Demsky want you to experience the heartwarming story live in person and to get caught up in the magic of Christmas with stellar acting and singing.

Neicole and Megan have history together–a lifetime of it actually as Neicole is Megan’s mom. The duo entered the theater world when Megan was in 5th grade. She started out acting while Neicole helped here and there, eventually doing everything from sewing costumes and building sets to running a theater office. Neicole actually sewed costumes for years to help pay for Megan’s tuition.

Genesis founders Neicole Woodall and Megan Demsky // photos courtesy of Genesis Children’s Theatre

Megan continued her life of drama throughout college and eventually turned it into a career. She lived in New York and completed two national tours as well as participated in many local companies like Garland Summer Musicals, Richardson Theater Center and Dallas Summer Musicals. She started teaching her love of acting to youngsters here in Plano in 1999.

Megan and Neicole soon realized that they were in a unique position to open their own theater company. They envisioned a small, intimate atmosphere where class sizes are limited so kids can get more one-on-one time.

Genesis does absolutely no double casting of parts. This means that a child who earns a part plays that role for the entire run of the show. Megan explained, “Everyone starts out in the ensemble, and when they earn that first part, it’s so gratifying to see their growth and success.”


Genesis Children’s Theatre staff has complete creative control over every single production. This means that they create sets, costumes and everything else, and they do not require parents to volunteer their time. Genesis feels that parents have enough going on in their lives, so the staff does what it can to support family time. As Megan says, “We try to grow amazing human beings.”

Elf Jr. The Musical is a story to which many young kids can relate. Buddy’s human, but raised by elves. Poor guy doesn’t really know where he truly belongs. It’s a feeling that so many tweens and teens experience. Those that don’t exactly “fit the mold” are the faces that make up Genesis Children’s Theatre. They have found the place that embraces them and celebrates their uniqueness, and they all say the same thing: “Genesis feels like home.


Plano families, mark your calendars and get your tickets to Genesis’ Elf Jr. The Musical. There are seven shows, and with only 80 seats per show, tickets’ll go quick. Spend your holidays with some quality family time at a great show–the folks at Genesis will make you feel right at home.

Update: Elf Jr. is sold out, but the wait list opens one hour prior to the shows. Call ahead with questions: 972-599-3505.

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