Girl Boss 2019: Hava Johnston

Start with a single Facebook thread. Add Hava Johnson. Soon, you have a movement. 

That’s the story of “Collin Creek Mall: An Era Gone By,” the Facebook group Hava started in May. Inspired by a lively thread in another Facebook group, she created the new group and invited people to join. Within 24 hours, it had 400 members. Members posted vintage photos. Old friends reconnected. Many recalled first jobs or first kisses at the mall. Now, the group has more than 8,300 members from around the world.

“I’ve always considered myself a connector,” Hava said. “I like to bring people together and create communities.” A Plano Senior High grad, wife and mom of four, Hava vividly remembers the mall’s opening in 1981. 

As the group’s leader, she created “Collin Creek Mall Rats” t-shirts, fielded queries from reporters from newspapers, TV and radio stations covering the mall’s closing and organized a live Facebook interview with Sean Terry of Centurion America, the mall’s developer. The response convinced the developer to host a July 26 farewell party that brought thousands – including many from out of town – to the mall one last time.

None of this surprises Hava’s lifelong friend, Plano resident Julie Holmer.

“When I think of Hava, I remember her as the ultimate 80s girl,” she said. “I can see her wearing Madonna-era lace gloves, a banana clip and of course, roller skates. It’s no wonder she spurred the movement to say goodbye to our 80s mall.”

Facebook marketing isn’t new to Hava – it’s part of her job as a Realtor with Texas Urban Living, and she’s handled social media for the Women’s Council of Realtors, Beto for America and her newest Facebook group, “Thunderbird Roller Rink: Then & Now.” Making things happen isn’t new, either – she leads an annual blanket drive for Collin County Homeless Coalition.

And for all this effort, what’s in it for Hava? Karma. 

“I was raised to believe that, the more good you put out into the world, the more good you will get back out,” she said. “The more people I help, the more blessed and fruitful my life will be.”

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