Girl Boss 2019: Olivia M. Gonzalez

Everyone has a story to tell, and Planoite Olivia M. Gonzalez is dedicated to helping brands share those stories. Olivia grew up in South Texas as an avid reader, so she quickly learned the power of a compelling narrative. After obtaining her degree in communications from University of North Texas, she built a career in brand messaging. 

“My fascination with storytelling has been lifelong,” Olivia said. 

Over the past 10 years, Olivia has helped global businesses in a wide range of industries craft their stories in a way that will connect with their preferred audience. She currently works with HudsonLake, a strategic communication firm out of D.C. But throughout her time in the corporate world, she felt a pull to do more with her talents.

“I kept thinking about the day-to-day entrepreneurs who didn’t have access to experts like myself,” Olivia said. “I wanted to give back to my community and the local businesses that also had a story to tell.”

So Olivia founded OMG Brand Story, a brand message and development consulting company that focuses on creating meaningful stories to help small businesses and entrepreneurs stand out in their industries. Whether she’s working with a food touring company in Spain or a local restaurant like Hard Eight BBQ, Olivia says her true passion is finding the story that helps people connect with that brand.

“My gift is identifying those unique qualities and being able to cultivate a concise but impactful story that will help that business,” Olivia said. “Sometimes they don’t realize their brand magic can exist in the smallest detail of their story.”

“In the business community, there are many that want to be recognized for their value, but fail to recognize the values in others. While Olivia’s personal and professional values are tremendous, she has a strong sense of what it takes to build relationships and community,” said Kimberly O’Neil, CEO and founder of Giving Blueprint, a Plano-based civic engagement and community development consulting company. “We need more people like Olivia to show up with intention, rooted in purpose, and willing to make a difference.”

When Olivia is not working at her day job or meeting with OMG Brand Story clients, she also runs her blog, OMG’s DFW Food; writes for Hispanecdotes, and occasionally contributes food-related content to WFAA.

“There is a singular thread that goes through every story – and that’s the human element,” Olivia said.  “No matter what story we tell, we must remember we’re all in the people business.”

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