Yemi Solomon brings Hollywood style and GLAMORE to Plano

Neighbor Yemi Solomon has done what few folks manage to pull off: She found her passion. The founder of GLAMORE says it’s a no-brainer, building her fashion brand that helps women — shine.

So what is GLAMORE?

in 2009 Yemi Solomon launched GLAMORE, an award-winning, red-hot online boutique and personal styling service for women.

It’s an award-winning, red-hot online boutique and personal styling service for women, featuring runway, trendy fashions, statement jewelry and one-of-a-kind accessories that are not sold anywhere else — so hot that she has been asked to work with the Emmy and Academy Awards gifting lounge in Hollywood and expand her offerings to host men’s skincare workshops.

Yemi can create “a look” in minutes and teach clients to improve their personal and professional images, build confidence, enhance natural glamor and be standouts.

Looking back on her childhood and teen years, Yemi says she always loved fashion, always wanted to look her best, always be a style trendsetter.

“In college and after, as a military wife and entrepreneur, every Sunday, everyone wanted to see what I had on at church,” she says.

“The birth of GLAMORE stems from my mentor encouraging women to create an independent stream of income, find their ‘thing’ and make it happen.

“I prayed about it and realized this was something I was birthed to do. I’m an ‘improvement person’ — and people listened,” she says.

GLAMORE launched in 2009 and immediately took off. Since then, Yemi has become a certified image consultant, global internet radio host and in-high-demand personal celebrity stylist.

In 2018, she was invited to be part of the 70th Emmy Awards’ celebrity gifting lounge in Los Angeles and, thanks to her engaging social media presence, Yemi was asked to bring products to this year’s Oscars gifting lounge again. Actress Romi Dias was excited to win a makeover by Yemi Solomon, founder of GLAMORE.

But what about last year’s worldwide restrictions? While GLAMORE’s in-person events obviously ground to a halt, Yemi didn’t skip a beat. She invented Boss Babes, virtual networking events in which she lined up top-tier entrepreneurs for the Boss Babes virtual event. The women that attended were excited and requested more.

As a personal stylist, Yemi consistently delivers unforgettable, high-end, runway-caliber looks for clients — both famous and not, balancing comfort and elegance — and maintains an international reputation as “the” go-to resource in the industry.

“Ninety percent of my inspiration is intuitive, natural and original,” she says. “The mission is to empower women to look their best, transform their image and discover their inner style queen.”

Let GLAMORE elevate your look to a whole new level. Shop today:

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