Jai Meals Offers Vegan Food Service in Plano

Jai Meals offers local vegan chefs' creations // courtesy Jai Meals
Jai Meals offers local vegan chefs' creations // courtesy Jai Meals

Sherry Copeland and her brother, Cedrick Garner, are passionate about sharing their love for a plant-based lifestyle. Jai Meals, their joint creation, offers a variety of vegan meals every week prepared by local chefs. Sherry and Cedrick created Jai Meals in hopes of helping people in Plano easily and painlessly maintain a healthy lifestyle.

“If you’re plant-based, it’s hard to find food that you want to eat. I was searching for myself. There are restaurants that have vegan food on their menu, but there wasn’t a place dedicated to people who want to eat plant-based,” Sherry shared. “I thought there might be other people in the city like me. I had this crazy idea in the middle of the pandemic, but it is a test concept.”

Sherry Copeland and Cedrick Garner // courtesy Jai Meals
Sherry Copeland and Cedrick Garner // courtesy Jai Meals

Thus far, Sherry – who runs the shop since Cedrick doesn’t live in Plano – has seen that many local vegans have appreciated the services Jai Meals offers. Rather than a restaurant, it is set up like a food service inside Plano’s Shops at Willow Bend. Sherry curates meals from different chefs, and the customer can order meals for pick-up from the shopping center or for home delivery.

The rotating menu ranges from meatless main dishes like Impossible Cheesy Lasagna, Sesame Chickn Dinner and vegan tamales to flavorful sides that include crispy Brussels sprouts with pineapples and four-bean chili. Plant-based snacks and desserts are also available for preordering.

Plant-based entree // courtesy Jai Meals
Plant-based entree // courtesy Jai Meals

“I change up the menu from time to time to keep it fresh. You can order as many times as you’d like throughout the week so you always have fresh food to eat,” Sherry said.

Orders may be placed on the Jai Meals website.

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