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“It’s all about food and people. It’s about the way we make people feel. When they walk out of the door, no matter what else has happened during the day, they leave happy.”

This is the goal, the vision, and the drive behind chef Kenny Bowers and his numerous successful restaurants across the metroplex. Kenny’s Burger Joint brings this mantra home more than any of his other restaurants. In October of last year, Kenny opened a new location of the famous burger eatery for Plano residents to enjoy in Lakeside Market off of Preston, expanding on the already beloved Frisco location.

Chef Kenny Bowers // photography by Jennifer Shertzer

There are plenty of burger joints in Texas. What makes this place so special? Beyond the exceptional food, the presentation puts it a notch above the rest. Kenny describes the approach to his burger joints as “casual, with a little bit of a polish.” And Kenny’s is just that. That casual yet polished vibe means going above and beyond expectations of a diner that has Pulp Fiction, Blues Brothers, and other quintessential “dude” film quotes on the walls.

Kenny’s Pepperjack Guacamole Burger
Kenny’s Loaded Cheese Fries

From the frosted glass of your Grey Goose Martini (where the vodka comes from a frozen tap) to the high quality stainless steel silverware rolled in a cloth napkin, these little touches of class let you know that these burgers are serious, but not so serious that you can’t comfortably savor the flavors of Kenny’s unique burgers dripping down your chin. Kenny’s strives to deliver an experience that is reminiscent of the way things used to be—honest and real.



But Kenny’s Burger Joint is certainly not just an atmosphere. They truly deliver when it comes to the food. Choices range from my personal favorite, the Juicy Lucy, which takes cheeseburgers to the next level by stuffing cheesy gooey goodness right inside the patty, to the gargantuan El Jefe Grande.

El Jefe is not for the light of heart. Inspired by challenges like “Man vs. Food,” this burger goes beyond Kenny’s half-pound patty standard, stuffing three pounds of beef inside another four pounds of Texas toast, french fries, chili, queso, jalapeños, bacon, and God only knows what else. The Frisco location has many names emblazoned on the Wall of Fame in commemoration of the defeat of this challenge; however, the Plano location still awaits its first brave challenger. What are you waiting for?

Yes, you have to sign legal paperwork before attempting to defeat El Jefe Grande


The variety amongst the menu items doesn’t stop at the food. Kenny’s ensures that the pure joy of burgers and shakes retains its nostalgic glory for the adults from Maker’s Mark Floats and the snarky “Cardbordeaux” (boxed wine served in a glass) to any classic martini. Kenny’s has every libation your heart desires and with such a great beer selection, including many local brews, there is something for everyone while reiterating the laid back vibe of Kenny’s reputation.



From consistently putting smiles on customer’s faces with friendly, no-nonsense service, to differentiating their burgers from lesser burgers by using a wood fire grill, owner Kenny Bowers ensures that his customers come back time and time again. And those who work for him feel the same way about Kenny’s as the customers do. To quote Kenny, “I hate the word employee. It sounds condescending.” Whether it be honing kitchen skills or finally getting that degree they have been working toward, seeing his people excel professionally and personally makes it all worthwhile for him.

Kenny’s BLT

At Kenny’s Burger Joint, servers, bartenders, and even the kitchen crew are all about making someone’s day. It’s evident as soon as you walk through the door. You’re greeted by a server with a smile and genuine welcome. When you’re at the table or bar top, you get real suggestions that you can legitimately tell are that person’s favorite item and not just a sales push. It’s a drastically different experience from walking into a casual dining chain where the hosts struggle through a fake smile and the servers don’t believe in the once-frozen food they are selling. You can just tell the people at Kenny’s enjoy coming to work every day.

And isn’t that what it’s all about–having a great day? So the next time you’re craving an indulgent burger, or need the perfect spot for happy hour, make Kenny’s your choice. Need I say more than $5 Martini Mondays?


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  1. says: Gabe

    The 1/2 pound burger is way too big for women and children, it would be smart to include a 1/3 lb. burger, not a tiny junior burger, which is only 1/4 lb. The fries at Kenny’s are frozen, not fresh, very disappointing. There is nothing better than fresh cut fries, skin on.

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