“This was the best dream that I never had,” muses Jaime Wiggins. Sometimes, a hobby can become a profession in a blink of the eye. And that’s exactly what happened for Jaime, owner of Plano’s newest sweet sensation, Amazeballz. The downtown Plano shop specializes in cake balls, a delicious bite-sized snack that’s not too filling, but just the right amount. Amazeballz cake balls are exactly how they sound, amazing.

Amazeballz flavors Rocky Road, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Chocolate-Covered Strawberry, Key Lime, German Chocolate, Orange Creamsicle, Italian Cream and Strawberry​

Jaime opened her store on 15th Street just a few weeks ago in the new Junction 15 apartment building, across the street from Haggard Park. To her surprise, there was already a line of customers waiting for her as she walked in on the first day. The name Amazeballz comes from a former coworker’s reaction to Jaime’s homemade concoctions, and it just stuck. Maybe you’ve used the expression yourself, or maybe you’ve seen it emblazoned on the side of Jaime’s black and hot pink MINI Cooper scooting around town.

Amazeballz creator Jaime Wiggins with her husband Michael at last year’s Feastival in downtown Plano

Amazeballz cake balls range from Red Velvet (a fan favorite) and Orange Creamsicle to Salted Caramel Brownie and Almond Joy. For those who like a little kick, there are cake balls infused with liquor, appropriately dubbed Boozeballz. Bring a batch of Amaretto Cherry Bombs or Bourbon Pecan Pie Boozeballz to a party and see how popular you become. Amazeballz also sells turtles and caramels from Dallas Caramel Company, macarons from Bisous Bisous out of Dallas, and mini cupcakes from Birdcage Bakery.

Cartoon Jaime enjoying Piña Colada and Almond Joy Boozeballz

Jaime’s idea came to life a few years ago while at a Starbucks. She ordered their cake balls and thought, “I could make these!” So make them she did. They were a hit with her coworkers immediately. After snapping them up at work functions, people started ordering bigger batches to take home. Soon, Jaime was coming home in the evenings from her day job and going straight to work in the kitchen.

Jaime decided to leave the corporate world in March 2013 due to the stress of having two full time jobs at once. Six months later she moved cake ball production from her home kitchen to a rental kitchen. With moral support from her husband Michael, and her brother Josh’s help with social media, she was finally able to open up her own store. The move was a fairly smooth transition, staying close enough to her old location so her loyal fans wouldn’t have far to go. With Amazeballz sales the first few days averaging over 65 transactions, both she and Michael definitely feel it was worth the leap of faith.


So what’s next for Amazeballz and Jaime? First and foremost, she plans to hire other bakers to help meet the demands of her customers. Currently she’s in the shop every day, sometimes baking up to 12 or 13 hours a day. Someday soon, she hopes to start shipping orders as well. Her master plan involves eventually opening up small storefronts around the area that would receive deliveries from her current downtown Plano location. That way, she can serve up bite-sized sweets all over the metroplex.


I asked Jaime what keeps her enthusiastic, bright, and excited about Amazeballz. She responded that the love of putting a smile on people’s faces and hearing their compliments always keep her going. And customers have every right to compliment her confections, because they are nothing short of amazeballz — especially the Lemon flavor!

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